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INTERCEPT: TWoP Blows Lennie James's Cover
K: [laughs] LJ: It is a lot of fun, but the other thing that's really good about working on Jericho is that Skeet could have been a whole other kind of animal, and we still would have got the job done, but it wouldn't necessarily have played out in the way that it has. Whatever Hawkins has turned out to be, in large part, it has been because of the encouragement and the cooperation of Skeet. He has been really forward in going, "Hawkins and Jake need to get together." Skeet still is the guy of the show, and he's kind of created the working environment -- it really does go from the top down -- and he's created a working environment where it's incredibly open, and his phrase, which I think is the most beautiful phrase about how we all work, is that we have a lot of fun taking what we do seriously. And that's how the job gets done. We take it all seriously, but we have a lot of fun. We're very open. People are open to comments, not just about the journey of their character, but about other people's characters. Not in a threatening way, and not in a dominating way, but in an open, friendly, but serious way. And Skeet, more than anybody else, takes a real responsibility, not just for the journey of his character, but also for the journey of the show, and he has allowed people to follow that on. I love going to work on Jericho because it's a fantastic bunch of people to go and work with, but also, I really do love days when me and Skeet get to play the full potential of our characters. K: And do you have some of the best lines of the show. LJ: [laughs] K: In that time between cancellation and the show being brought back, obviously we, the fans, were very invested, but how did you guys feel when it was cancelled? Did you go to the production staff and try and find out what they had planned for your characters if there had been another season? LJ: The way the things played out chronologically is that, long before the season is nearing episode twenty-two, the writers, and the producers, and the creators are already having conversations about what the next season could possibly be. So, the writers are getting excited about it, and having to come up with storylines for the network, so they're talking to you about them, because they're excited. So, they'll go, "In the next season we're going to this," and you're having ideas about it as well, and you're going to the writers and saying, "Listen, if we get another season, I think we should explore this part," so everybody's kind of got a sense about what the next season could possibly be.

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