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Catching Trouble

Previously: wow, the show hasn't even started and they're already lying to us. In the clips, we see Hawkins using his magic laptop. As soon as he logs in, we see a message that reads, "What is the target? Ours or theirs?' Hawkins leansover the keyboard and we hear him typing as "I'm compromised" appears on the screen. Except those were the questions he asked. He got "I'm compromised" as a reply; he didn't send that message.

Then the captions inform us that it's eight weeks after the bombs, and one day before the election. The previous episode took place on Thanksgiving. This episode clearly starts the next day. By my calculations, it is indeed the fifty-sixth day since the bombs. That's all fine. I was actually impressed until I remembered that, in the last episode, I'm pretty sure that Emily said the elections were next week. So, the show's already lied to us twice, and it hasn't actually started yet. New record!

We finally open on Hawkins at his laptop. He gets a message: "Traitor identified. Make contact ASAP." So, remember that time Jake saw Hawkins using the laptop with a satellite dish in his yard? Why'd he do that when the laptop seems to work just fine down in his bunker? Hawkins ponders and starts to type as we hear Samuel calling, "Dad, I need you! Right now!"

Hawkins steps out into the basement and finds Samuel holding a football and insisting that Hawkins teach him to play. Hawkins asks, "This is something that has to be done right now?" "Yeah," says Samuel, heading upstairs. After a second, Hawkins follows. Should have just put him in a drum when you had the chance, Hawkins.

Jake is unscrewing a plaque identifying the site of Jericho's first well. Do you think they take the kids on field trips to Jericho's well? I guess that's when the kids realize that they were born in the armpit of America and that there's no hope for them, and that very day they drop out of school to spend the rest of their lives drinking at Bailey's? Which is why their brains have atrophied. It all fits. Well, that's one mystery solved. Good on Jake for removing it. Sadly, we're reminded that it's too late for some people as Emily walks up to Jake and asks, "What're you doing?" Sigh. Jake explains that he's going to put a hand-pump on the well. Emily non sequiturs, "I remember another first time right over there," and points at something we can't see. Too much information. Jake alludes to one of Emily's "finer moments" behind Bailey's, adding, "Some people can't hold their apple wine coolers. You kept singing that depressing song by that bald girl." Emily hmphs, "That was Sinead O'Connor, and that was our song!" Jake says that he didn't get to vote on it, and...duh. That's not how it works, Jake. Emily changes topics again, and mentions the kiss Heather planted on Jake a month ago. Of course, then she saved Dad's life, and then she disappeared. I don't think Mom likes being foiled. Emily says that she doesn't want Heather to get hurt. Jake says, "I have no plans to do that." Which is an excellent non-answer to Emily's non-question.

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