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Catching Trouble

As people from Bailey's flood the street, they find a mass of zombies headed for them. Yay! Or maybe they're just another group of boring refugees, sigh. Eric tells someone to take the travelers inside. Eric tells Jake, "Their plane landed in the middle of nowhere -- they've been walking for weeks." Emily looks at the crowd and spots one scruffy-but-familiar face. "Roger," she gasps. In order for this to be interesting, I think I'd have to care about Roger, Emily, or Jake. Oh, wait -- this might mean that Jake will start toying with Heather again. Then I guess my reaction to this cliffhanger is: poor Heather!

Mitchell is lurking by himself, enjoying a smoke by the light of a trash-can bonfire. Suddenly, he's illuminated by a flashlight. He peers toward the camera and asks who's there. Dale lowers the flashlight. And then fires the gun he's holding. Mitchell drops. Wow, Dale's got good aim. They should take him on the next turkey-shoot.

Hawkins is in his bunker, checking his laptop. A message pops up: "We need to discuss why you are lying to us." Then a picture of the Earth appears. It zooms in on Kansas. Hawkins looks around like he thinks maybe the camera is in the room. The image goes on zooming, and finally resolves into a picture of Hawkins, Samuel, and Darcy standing in the yard. Then the pictures is gone, and the words "See you soon" appear on the laptop. Yeah, don't count on it, Jericho.

And with that, we're done. Praise be. I should mention that when Jericho returns, you'll have a new recapper. Hey, maybe James Remar will turn up on the show I'm recapping in the spring. That would be awesome! Thanks again to all the posters for being so consistently hilarious, and also thanks to everyone who's emailed, because I'm way behind.

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