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Catching Trouble

Once inside, Emily is immediately confronted by Jonah, who's pointing a gun at her He's also got a bloody cloth wrapped around his right forearm, and says, "Don't say a word."

Credit. This seems like a good time to mention some of my favorite comments about this show. So I will! Warren Ellis: "The Jericho opener was retarded, so I'm not watching any more of that." Bert Ehrman: "Jericho is quickly proving itself to be even more lame than I originally suspected." Wing Chun: "Think of it this way: at least it's not Studio 60."

Jake marches into the sheriff's station and gives Dale his insincere condolences as Mom and Dad look on. Eric tells Jake about Mitchell's accusation while Mom keeps her arm wrapped protectively (or threateningly) around Dale. Dad mentions that Gracie "stood up to Jonah." Jake says that they should pull some men off their "patrol" to go Jonah-hunting. Dale wants to join the manhunt, but Mom nixes that: "There's something that I have to talk to you about." Jake and Eric warn Dad that Gray will use Gracie's murder to win votes. Dad harrumphs that they'll find Gracie's killer, but that he doesn't want to hear any more about politics. He exits, followed by his sons, while Mom rubs Dale's shoulder creepily.

At Bailey's, Good Cop and Bad Cop are performing "A View From the Gallery." It actually might be amusing to do a whole episode from their point of view. Of course, virtually everything they do on this show is pretty amusing already, so maybe they don't need to make any extra effort. But I'd like to see an episode focused on the cops making their rounds. Every so often, Jake could run in with some bizarre order ("We need you to collect every stapler in town right away!") and run off again. Anyway. Bad Cop says that Gray's planning to "make an example" of Jonah. He observes that Gray's a changed man after visiting Topeka. I imagine that visiting Topeka would be a life-altering experience in any situation. Bad Cop says, "I, for one, think [Gray's] got the right idea." Good Cop cleverly deduces that Bad Cop is going to vote for Gray, and Bad Cop declines comment: "This is still America." Good Cop harrumphs, "Just barely." And then they wander out. Bravo!

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