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Catching Trouble

And then it's night. Jonah dashes across a road as an SUV zooms up behind him. He rolls down an embankment as we hear the posse in hot pursuit. After a little more scampering around, Jonah finally collapses as the posse surrounds him.

Cut to the posse arriving in town with Jonah. The crowd of men whoops and applauds as Gray hauls Jonah up the steps of Town Hall. Jake watches unhappily, and does his head-pat of vexation.

When we return from the commercials, Bad Cop is swearing in newly-elected Mayor Gray Anderson on the steps of Town Hall. Huh. So it's two days later, I guess? It seems like an awful lot of stuff is happening in between the scenes we see. Mom and Dad join the crowd in applauding. Gray makes another speech, announcing that his first act as mayor is to order distribution of the supplies from the food drop. Everyone applauds enthusiastically. Gray goes on to say that Gracie's murderer "will be held to account." In his cell, Jonah listens sadly as Gray adds that justice will be swift and sure. Mom and Dad don't join in the applause this time. I guess they're opposed to justice. Though, considering Mom's many crimes, they should be.

Inside, Jake tells Jonah not to take Gray's pronouncements too seriously. Then he asks, "Why'd you run? My father was gonna bring you in." And Gray did instead. Which probably sucked for Dad, but I don't see how it would have worked out any better for Jonah. Then Emily appears at the end of the hall. Jake walks up to her and mutters, "I didn't want this to happen." Emily hmphs, "Jonah made his own bed." She apologizes for maybe losing the election for Dad, but Jake brushes that off and exits.

Mitchell cheerfully enters Gracie's and beams at Dale and Skylar, who appear to be tidying up. He asks Skylar to give the menfolk some private time, and after a dubious look, she tells Dale she'll be back in a second. Once she's gone, Mitchell puts one hand on the back of Dale's neck and says they're partners now. He explains that Dale will need protection to keep the store going. Dale duhs, "From who? Jonah's in jail." Mitchell shoves Dale against some shelves and puts a knife to Dale's throat as he menaces, "Don't make the same mistake that Gracie made. I get half the cut." Then he whimsically bonks Dale on the nose with the flat of the blade, and exits.

Richmond Ranch. Stanley is shocked to find Mimi knitting. She explains, "I learned in the dorm at Vassar." Then she adds, "Not so hot for me now, are you?" Stanley awkwardly explains that the piece she's knitting used to be his mother's. Mimi stammers out an apology, explaining that she just found it in a trunk. She offers to put it back, but Stanley insists that it's okay, chuckling, "I actually think my mother would have liked you." Mimi beams, "Really?" Stanley admits, "No. Not at all." Mimi stabs him in the neck with one of the knitting needles. Oh, fine: they start kissing again. Suddenly, Stanley pushes Mimi back and says, "Manly!" Which is probably not the best thing to say to a girl you're making out with. He clarifies, "Our tabloid name! Mimi and Stanley: Manley!" Mimi asks, "Is that really the kind of message you want to be putting out there?"He admits that maybe "Stimi" is better after all. As they smooch, Bonnie wanders in, slams a drawer loudly to get their attention, and then wanders back out. Seriously, where does she spend all her time?

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