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Catching Trouble

Dad stares at the statue in front of Town Hall, then looks around at the townsfolk, bustling about. Then he shouts, "Well, fuck all y'all, then!" jumps onto a horse, and rides off into the sunset. Okay, he doesn't, but I bet he's fantasizing about it. Jake strolls up, and Dad says that they should start taking down all the campaign signs and posters. Then Dale hurries up and announces that Mitchell killed Gracie: "He said if I refused to give him a cut of the store, he'd do to me what he did to Gracie." He didn't actually say that. He just implied it. Dad ponders for a moment, and then sighs, "Let's find Gray."

Bad Cop opens the cell door and tells Jonah to get up, as Gray looks on. As Jonah asks what's going on, Dad, Dale, and Jake enter with the same question. Gray ahems that they're moving Jonah to a more secure location. Dad says that Jonah hasn't been tried yet, but Gray announces, "As Mayor, I formed a tribunal. He was found guilty." Jake tells Gray, "Mitch just told Dale that he would do to him what he did to Gracie if he didn't go along with him." I just wanted to point out that recapping is harder than it looks. Especially when you use a lot of pronouns. After confirming that there weren't any witnesses to the conversation, Gray sniffs, "That's hardly proof," and insists that, from now on, they aren't going to coddle guys like Jonah. Jake asks if Gray is planning to kill Jonah tonight, and claim that he tried to escape. He turns to Bad Cop and asks, "You gonna put a bullet in Jonah's head when Gray tells you to?" Bad Cop looks shifty but quickly insists that he's not shooting anyone. Then Jake pulls out a gun and offers it to Gray. Gray doesn't take it, so Jake hauls Jonah to his knees and offers Gray the gun again: "You do it here, in front of me and Dale, in front of everyone." He keeps telling Gray to shoot Jonah, and I have to think that, somewhere in here, Jonah might be thinking, "Dude, can you stop encouraging him to shoot me? Please?" Gray makes a disgusted face like he's giving in, but instead he grabs the gun and aims at Jonah's head. Ha! That's what you get for daring people, Jake. Dad protests, and Jake quickly tries to add an amendment to his dare: "You better be damn sure he's guilty. Because if he's not, you're a murderer. Justice will be swift." Jonah closes his eyes, preparing for the shot, but after a moment, Gray lowers the gun. Jake quickly grabs it back, and Dad leans back, thinking, "Why didn't I bring Eric instead of Jake?"

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