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With a hazy sunlight yellow sheen that signals memories or flashbacks, we get an eyeful of an ornate wedding cake. A probably sticky moppet in a pink flower-girl dress clutches a beribboned bouquet and jabs her finger in the frosting. What a little brat! If this was longer than six years ago, I'd think it was Emily. She's always sticking her finger in places it doesn't belong. The bratty moppet sucks the frosting off her finger and runs past people having their photo taken on a staircase. It's Mom, Dad, April, and a clean-shaven Eric. Oddly, Mom and Dad are posed in front, totally blocking the bridal couple and April's dress. "6 Years Ago" flashes on the screen as Pachelbel's Canon pipes. Because if the cake, the photos, the flowers, and the greedy brat of a flower girl didn't tip us off that this was a wedding, Pachelbel will. More futzing with the photographer, and Mom finally gets impatient and says if he doesn't hurry it up, he's going to be taking photos of her with her shoes off. Since no one wants hammertoes in a wedding photo, April advises Mom to make herself comfortable and notes that they can't really take the photos without the best man. Who is the best man? Jake. And where is the best man? No one knows, but given what we have been led to believe about Jake's past, he's probably off getting drunk, having sex, stealing cars, and gambling. The poor photographer keeps readjusting his camera every time a member of the wedding party moves, which they are doing constantly. Eric dourly notes, "Grandpa seems to be missing, too." Dad barks a laugh, asking them all to "take a wild guess where they are!" Mom rolls her eyes and stalks off just as the photographer's flash goes off. That's a keeper.

Mom walks outside, and suddenly we're back in the gray tones of present day. Oh, it's going to be one of those episodes, is it? A bunch of "meaningful" flashbacks juxtaposed against present day to illustrate how far they've all come, which will get so sappy we might as well pull up a stack of pancakes? Mom leaves Town Hall and sweeps her eyes over the rubble that was town square. She nabs a local and carries him off to do something at the Med Center just as T-tol, t-lot! the Super Skeet comes riding, riding up to the Town Hall door! Inside Town Hall, Jake reports to the usual suspects that New Bern took Talbot's farm with about seventy men. Dad determines that they are outmanned and outgunned, and they need to take a hard stand at a single farm to punish the New Bern army with casualties as much as possible. Dad points out that Richmond's farm, being the highest point in the whole area, is where they need to make their stand.

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