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Jake walks out onto the Richmond porch and looks at the gathered team. Gray, Stanley, Skylar, and Frodale are there in front. Eric stands slightly behind Jake, knowing he's the one to take command now. Jake pauses and stares. Someone clinks repeatedly on a glass and suddenly...

...we're back in Jericho Past. Nearly taking an empty champagne cooler with him, Jake stands up to make his wedding speech. Jake stands at the mike and asks, "Before I start, is there anyone who hasn't written me a speech?" This gets a chuckle from the crowd, and it would have been good if he had left it at that, but instead, he goes into a booze-fueled self-pity trip: "I mean, it really makes me wonder how screwed-up you think I am that I can't be trusted to say a few things about my brother." Everyone shifts uncomfortably, but April -- always the down-to-earth one... or in-the-earth one -- smiles serenely at Eric. Jake goes on that all the speeches he was given were pretty lame. "Not one of them mentions my brother's musical theater phase when we all thought he was gay," Jake continues, and then with perfect bad timing, he awkwardly adds, "Seriously. You have not heard disturbing until you've heard him singing 'One Hand, One Heart' in the shower every morning." Eric doesn't look amused. Jake glances at Mom, who looks concerned and shifts her eyes irritably. Jake looks at Dad's stern face and seems to recall himself. What a humorless family. You know, I thought part of the reason why they were showing Eric's wedding was to slide menacingly past Connie. Remember Dad's comment of how Connie was a guest at his son's wedding? I think the writers missed an opportunity here by not showing him. Connie wouldn't even have had to speak; just showing him there -- even in the background -- would have been dark and threatening enough.

Jericho Present. Jake is still standing on the porch. Seriously, how long is he going to hold that pose? Because he looks like he has to pee and is afraid to move because of it.

Jericho Past. Jake continues that he teases his brother a lot but the truth is, he's really proud of him. He's proud of how kind Eric is, how giving he is. Finally, both Dad and Mom are smiling. Jake adds that Eric's a very lucky man. April stares at Jake.

Jericho Present. Eric rubs his face with his blood-stained hand. Finally, Jake speaks: "My father's dead." Looooong pause. "We'll get through," Jake finishes and walks back into the house. That...was sort of anticlimactic. Eric nods at Gray and Stanley to come on in. Frodale has the good grace to look as though some sort of emotion has gotten through his psychotic heart. Stanley, Gray, Jimmy, and Bill follow Eric into the house and shut the door behind them. In full view of Dad's body, they hold a war council. Jake wants Gray back in town. Gray starts to protest, but Jake interrupts him: "Come tomorrow, what's left of us will need a leader. I think we've lost enough in that department." Gray continues to protest that they need every available set of hands they can get, and he's not going anywhere. "You're too important now, Gray. It's not negotiable. Get him an escort," Jake orders. I like the subtle stress on how Dad's dying makes Gray more important than he was before. Even though he was the newly elected mayor, beating out Dad, he still really wasn't as important as Dad. Jake wants everyone back in position, because they don't know when New Bern will come back. The farmhouse door creaks open, and Jake jumps up as Emily walks in, followed by Mom. Oh good job, Emily -- you only got it half-right. Where's Kenchy? I know Dad's dead, but it's not like she knew that. What if Dad was still alive and all she brought back was Mom and no doctor? Mom walks slowly in and stares at her husband's body on the kitchen table. Jake and Eric pat her on the shoulder, and everyone files out. Mom trances into the kitchen and stands in the pool of her husband's blood on the floor. Putting her hand on Dad's forehead, she bends over the body and cries.

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