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Jake sits on a corner of the porch that's away from the Jericho troop's eager eyes. Unable to stay away, Emily walks over to him and kneels in front of him. They embrace and Jake sobs. He sobs hard. Hawkins radios Jake. Heh -- he probably saw what was going down from his satellite view and decided he needed to break it up. You go, Hawkins! Jake stands up, clearing his throat, and tells Hawkins to go ahead. Hawkins reports that New Bern is coming back with a few hundred more men and more military trucks. Hey, where did New Bern get military trucks? Is this because they have a Costco? Jake ten-fours him and requests that he joins them as quickly as he can. Hawkins casually asks what Jake knows about some train tracks running alongside the river. "Why, what do you see?" Jake asks, as the final digit in the satellite tracking clicks into place. "I don't know -- I can't see!" Hawkins responds. Darcy yells at Hawkins to disconnect his computer, but Hawkins won't until he can get a look at the train tracks. "Jake," he radios, "You've got a very large train coming from New Bern and it's got three cargo cars." Jake asks what's in the cars. "I think it's men, and it's hundreds of them -- it's a whole set of reinforcements," Hawkins pants back to Jake, as Darcy slams the laptop shut. Hawkins tells Jake he's on his way. Jake looks over at Emily, who is sitting in a window waiting for him. He kisses her, but I've decided that it's a war kiss, an I-might-die-so-I-might-as-well kiss, so it doesn't really matter. He can take it back.

Hawkins tells Darcy that the few seconds lock on his satellite coordinates probably wasn't enough time to get an exact location. They're fine for a little while. "Where are you going?" Darcy demands. "I have to stop a train," Hawkins tells her. YEAH HE DOES! BECAUSE HE'S AWESOME!

Col. Charles reports to four heads on separate video screens how they've gained control of I-80 from Cheyenne to Grand Island. However, I-70 is more of a challenge, because there are organized road gangs operating in the area. He adds that a patient told him of an impending skirmish between two towns in northwest Kansas. When Col. Cheyenne says, "New Bern and Jericho," the camera pans over to the fourth television screen and shows DUN! Valente! Valente importantly takes off his glasses and asks the location of the two towns. After hearing where they are, Valente says, "We tracked a terrorist suspect to within two hundred miles of that area. Capture of this suspect is top priority for President Tomarchio and the administration. You understand?" Col. Charles nods and asks if he should reprioritize. "Immediately," Valente says, "Go to Jericho and crush the skirmish. Once the area's clear, we will begin our search for the terrorist." Okay, two points: one, Valente still should believe that he has been communicating with Sarah all this time, and while he's probably evil for ordering her to kill Hawkins and his family, it's still Sarah that Valente will be after. He has no reason to suspect that Hawkins is still alive; and two, Col. Charles just said that the skirmish was between Jericho and New Bern. He never said it was in Jericho, so it was pretty convenient for Valente to order them to Jericho. I don't think Valente has any inside information about the skirmish; I just think it was the writers making the line more powerful by saying, "Go to Jericho," because it has all of us at home cheering our throats out that those damned New Bernies aren't going to know what hit them.

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