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Hawkins rides. He rides with some seriously grim determination. It's such a grim determination that I'm completely convinced he could stop the train from New Bern just by glaring at it. Stanley and Jake walk away from the farmhouse together, and Stanley announces that he's going to ask Mimi to marry him. "She can't cook, she's never seen nine innings of baseball in her life, and she hates my clothes, but I love her. And I'm happy," Stanley says and stops Jake by grabbing at his arm. Jake looks up at him through reddened eyes. "Jake, I don't want to die today," Stanley confesses. Jake looks at him for a moment, then grabs him into a hug and promises, "You're going to make it out of here. That I promise." Hawkins rides up and dismounts. He tells them that Connie and his men are closing in and the train is twenty minutes away. Jake takes a step closer to Hawkins and whispers urgently, "Tell me you have a plan. A really good one." Hawkins gives him a look that is almost Fonzie in its swagger and says to Stanley, "Hey, I need to borrow your tank." YEAH HE DOES!

At the tank, Hawkins hops up to examine it. Jake reminds him that the tank won't fire -- there's absolutely no ammo in it. "I'm not planning on shooting anything," Hawkins tells him. Stanley starts to explain how to operate the tank, but Hawkins stops him, "This is not my first time." Jake rolls his eyes, all "Of COURSE it isn't. God." Hawkins lowers himself into the tank and calls Jake back to wish him luck. "Yeah," Jake breathes, "You too."

The Jerichoians assemble behind that same sandbagged car. Jake pulls Emily aside and starts to say something but stops. Emily steps closer to him, and I notice for the first time that she's wearing a red-edged olive green tank top with a red star in the middle of her dinners. Do you think she walked into her closet that morning and said, "Hm, I'm going to be fighting today -- how do I coordinate that?" Realizing Jake is at a loss for words, Emily impresses upon Jake that his father is there watching.

Jericho Past. Dad stands outside of the Town Hall, looking up into the night sky. Jake blunders out, and Dad asks, "They still doin' the Bunny Hop in there?" Jake thinks it's the Macarena. Dad has no idea what Jake's talking about. Deciding it will take to long to explain, Jake agrees, "Yeah, they're still doing the Bunny Hop." Dad compliments Jake on his speech and adds, "I had no idea you were such a sentimental fool." Jake laughs, "Mom wrote it." "You think?" Dad shoots back, chuckling. Dad gets serious and says he knows Eric and Jake aren't close, and maybe Jake didn't feel like standing up and pretending like they were. "But sometimes, doing what you feel like doing and doing what needs to be done are two different things." Jake stiffly tells Dad that Dad doesn't have to worry about him. He's fine. Dad scoffs at that, saying that his worrying days are far from over. "But they will be one day," Dad decides. Geddit? Because he's DEAD and doesn't have any worries anymore? "Someday, I know you're gonna become the man I know you can be. The man you were born to be. My god, that day's gonna be somethin' to see!" Dad concludes as Grampy Green walks up. "Come on, Johnston," he calls, holding up a bottle, "This scotch ain't gonna drink itself!" See, because they're both DEAD and together in HEAVEN drinking SCOTCH while sitting on CLOUDS and not worrying about their LIVERS. Dad explains that he and Grampy Green are going down to the lake to partake of some thirty-year-old single malt. He invites Jake to join them. Jake accepts and says he's just going to wait to say good night to Emily. "I'll meet you there," Jake promises. Yes, yes, he will -- someday Jake will be standing in front of those pearly anvils and Dad and Grampy will be on the other side, holding a bottle of scotch and three glasses. "Save you a place," Dad says. And the anvils just keep falling like the bombs from New Bern. Grampy asks Dad where Jake's going. As they walk off into the street LIGHT, Dad explains that Jake is waiting for his girl. "Well, that's the last we'll see of him tonight," Grampy guffaws. "Aw, Dad," Dad responds. "Hey, if I had a girl that looked like that, I wouldn't keep her waiting," Grampy decides and then whirls around, holding up the scotch, "You hear that, boy? I'm gonna take that girl away from you!" Jake waves. He waves GOOD-BYE. Grampy and Dad keep at each other the whole way down to the lake.

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