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Jericho Past. Jake holds down the wedding bar while some woman in an obscenely short skirt walks by. Seriously? Who wears a napkin to a wedding? Eric sighs at Jake's back and asks dully if he's having good time. Jake is, and he jokes that he saw April making out with some Jerichoian. Eric unsmilingly tells Jake he needs to stop drinking. Jake's smile falters and completely drops when Eric hands over a speech he wrote out for Jake to give. He adds, "I figured you should have something ready so you don't embarrass yourself." Wow -- how full of yourself do you have to be to write a speech that extols how wonderful you are? Eh, because this is very possibly (sniff!) the last episode ever, I'll give Eric the benefit of the doubt and assume the speech is all about how wonderful April is. And we already know how long that sentiment will last. Jake examines the speech and yuks, "Wait, is that how you spell 'venereal disease'?" Eric is not amused and tells Jake his life is a big joke. But when Jake asks Eric to explain his beardless self, Eric decides, "I'm not getting into this right now." Then why'd you bring it up in the first place, buttmunch? Jake just stares at him, so finally Eric relents. You know he's just been itching to tell Jake exactly what he thinks of him. Eric says that people are whispering behind their hands about how Jake went off to flight school but now is just hanging around Jericho hauling "stuff" for Jonah. "If I'm such a joke, then why did you want me as your best man?" Jake demands. Eric looks back at Mom, who is glaring at them. Jake gets it. Eric didn't want him, but Mom forced it. Eric walks off. Jake turns back to the bar.

Jericho Present. Over the guns, Jake yells that they have to hold out until the tank gets there. They shoot a few shots back at New Bern and take cover again. Even Emily gets off a shot. Might be her only one. The camera jumps and cuts around. Jake insists they have to keep drawing New Bern's fire while he runs up the hill to get a better shot at New Bern's gunner. So, other than the fact that we've accepted how stupid Jerichoians are, is there a reason why they didn't position someone on that hill in the first place? Eric bellows at everyone to cover his little brother. Jake runs. Emily shoots another shot.

Hawkins monitors the battle from his laptop. Another digit in the tracker locks into place. Darcy wonders why Valente would have wanted the witnesses eliminated, "I mean, whoever's tracking you, they either want to use the bomb for themselves or they want to keep you from using it. But, either way, what difference do witnesses make? I mean the bombs have fingerprints, don't they? Something that makes them traceable -- I remember reading that somewhere." Hawkins gets this look on his face like he never thought of it like that. The thing is, though, I always thought eliminating witnesses was standard procedure in these things. You do something bad and you don't want anyone alive who knows about it. It has nothing to do with the bombs having fingerprints.

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