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The Jerichoians gather around the tank in time to see Bill pop out and exclaim, "Did you see what I just did?" Yeah, Bill, we did. We saw you waste your one mortar on a totally worthless target. Good job! "Holy crap," Stanley gasps, prairie-dogging it out of the driver's seat. Eric keeps screeching, "WHOOO!" But Jake brings everyone back to earth by saying all they got from that pointless skirmish was time, and it won't be nearly as easy next time when New Bern brings more people. I'd like to add that Jericho has totally tipped their tank hand in the first battle. New Bern will now know how to prepare for it. "Easy?" Bill exclaims, "You thought that was easy?" Shut up, Bill. Suddenly, Eric pulls Jake's attention over to Mayor Dad lying on the ground. In plain sight. Took them long enough! Jake pulls Dad's vest back to see that he's been hit on the right side of his chest.

Emily brays about Kenchy -- which, like, nice try, but I'm not falling for that one again -- as everyone bustles to bring Dad into the Richmond house. Hey, so maybe I should stop asking these kinds of questions in order to let the magic flow unhindered but, um, why didn't they bring field medics to the battle? ["Flow-breaker!" -- Miss Alli] Eric yells for alcohol and antiseptic. I have a sinking feeling that Mimi and Stanley drank all the alcohol already. They lay Dad out on the kitchen table, which is so very Bonanza of them. As Hawkins radios Jake, Eric presses down on Dad's wound. Hawkins congratulates them on the battle and adds, "Tell your father they're coming back around." Jake tells Hawkins about Dad's situation. Hawkins pauses and says, "I'm sorry." He watches yet another digit get locked on the satellite tracking and gets back to business. "You know what to do, right?" Hawkins asks, "Keep pressure on the wound, and there should be some morphine syrettes in the supplies I gave you." Hawkins has supplies. Hawkins has morphine. Jake responds that they've got the supplies, but something in his tone prompts Hawkins to say, "Listen Jake, people are going to be looking to you now. You know what I mean?" Jake does. In his own covert way, Hawkins has been sort of like a father to Jake. He's been quietly teaching him all sorts of things. Hawkins explains that New Bern will have to go back to Talbot's farm to regroup, so that will give Jericho some time of its own. Hawkins will keep them updated. "Out," he concludes regretfully.

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