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Camp Liberty. Heather finds her way to some fatigues and is directed to the man in charge. Directing her pleas at a guy -- a colonel -- who looks like Anthony Bourdain and Hugh Laurie's love child, Heather explains how the people of New Bern tried to kill her and are planning to attack Jericho. Man in Charge -- I'm gonna call him Charles -- says that his orders are to secure the roads in their immediate area. Before Heather can continue her protest, Col. Charles stops her with, "I don't get to make these decisions, I'm just a government employee." Heather takes a deep breath and asks, "Which government?" Col. Charles shares a laugh with the guy who was dabbing at a wound on his arm and responds, "United States." You know, the laugh was pretty rude. Do these people not get the fact that people all over the country are without power and therefore have no access to what the hell happened to the United States, lo those many months ago? Because if not, I don't think I want them in charge of my country. Heather doesn't say anything. Col. Charles asks if she's okay. "We heard there were six different people claiming the presidency." Col. Charles agrees and adds, "There were -- in fact, there's still a couple of holdouts: Texas, a bloc in the East. The new federal government's been restored in Cheyenne, Wyoming." Heather pleads some more, but Col. Charles can't help her and kindly asks another dude to escort her back to the medical tent.

Richmond kitchen table. Jake is about to inject Mayor Dad with morphine when Dad pats him weakly on the forearm, muttering, "Get 'em out." Eric looks up at Jake and whispers, "Why?" Jake, his face full of misery, looks back at Eric, perfectly understanding the request. "Get 'em out!" Dad says, stronger this time. Jake tells Gray, who is standing in the living room with a crowd of Jerichoians, to clear everyone out. Jake walks back to Dad and takes his hand. "You listen," Dad says, "This place is where you survive. You make a stand here, you hear?" It's from this you get your strength, the corn earth of Richmond. Jake nods, "We will." Dad turns his eyes to Eric and says he's sorry he has to see this, adding, "You've been through enough." Eric tells him to stop. "You're stronger than you think you are, though, always have been," Dad continues. He tells Eric he loves him. Eric looks away, sniffing. Jake's eyes and face are swollen with unshed tears. "I guess I zigged when I should have zagged," Dad decides. Yeah, that's all great and folksy, Dad, but why not tell Jake that you love him as well? Dad sighs that he wishes Mom was there. "She's coming," Jake says, completely stuffed up, "She'll be here." "Tell your mother I love her," Dad says in a high, breathless voice. "I was hard on you," he continues to Jake, "I pushed you...away. I'm...glad you came...home." Jake grips his Dad's hand harder. "I'm proud of you," Dad gasps and lets Jake's hand go slack. Mayor Dad is dead, long live the Mayor. Sobbing, Eric kneels next to his father's body and presses his bloodied hand to his mouth. Still keeping hold of his father's grip with one hand, Jake uses his other to slide Dad's eyes closed. Eric continues to sob, so Jake quickly rounds the table and grabs his brother into a hug. The Green brothers clutch each other, crying, until Jake forces Eric to look into his eyes. Eric looks at Jake and finally nods his assent to Jake's unanswered question. He can get it together. They will keep fighting.

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