Winter's End

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April Is The Cruelest Month, Bleeding

Mary and Eric collect more wood. Bill pulls up and rolls down his window. He stares at Eric without speaking. "What's wrong?" Eric asks. Eric is so worthless -- why does he even bother living?

It looks like Jericho has a restaurant in town, because the stockpots and pasta inserts they're using for the sheet sterilization are HUGE. I covet them when I go to restaurant-supply stores, but they are bigger than my kitchen, so I covet from afar. Mimi pleads with Bonnie that she just jumped in. That Bonnie's been volunteering for years, long before Mimi ever got there. Also, I'd like to add -- and this is the salient point -- Mimi can hear the stethoscope, and Bonnie can't. That's why Mimi was brought in. "It's fine," Bonnie tells her, shaking her head. Mimi gets her attention again and says, "Kenchy doesn't know you. Everybody else respects you." "They speak your language," Bonnie says, sadly and walks away.

Men of Jericho decide town things. How come the womenfolk are never involved in this? The men always seem to be outside and the women inside. It's like they're back to Victorian spheres of influence. Stanley calls Mayor Dad and Mayor Gray aside and says that a few Jerichoians (men) want to know why they aren't seizing upon the deal with New Bern. This is so that they can re-explain to us that the rest of the town still thinks the Army Corps of Engineers is coming to rescue them, so what's the big deal if they give 10% of their spring crop? Mayor Dad still doesn't think they can tell the town the truth. Everyone's already on edge; the news would send them over. Mayor Gray doesn't want to leverage next winter's food, either. Stanley suggests that they just tell New Bern that they'll give then the food, and then renege on it if they don't have enough food. Mayor Dad gives him a stern look: "That's how wars get started." I thought wars got started over women.

Branch Rogerian HQ which, conveniently, is the church basement. Jimmy can't believe Darcy's been hanging with the refugees. Hawkins wants to talk to Darcy first. If Jimmy were Columbo, he wouldn't allow this. However, Jimmy does (unfortunately). Hawkins explains to Darcy what's going on, and says that they have to get their stories straight. "What did you do with her body?" Darcy wants to know. Isn't it better for her not to know that? Or not be asking that question in a room full of people? After Hawkins tells her, Darcy nods: "So I could tell him that right now and never see you again." Yeah, but Hawkins didn't kill Sarah, Darce. Your kid did. You really think Allison is going to let her dad get into trouble for what she did? Some kids might. Allison wouldn't. Hawkins gives her the story: family, New Orleans. "And you don't know anything else about her," Hawkins rasps as Jimmy walks up. There is NO WAY Jimmy didn't hear that! My God, Hawkins is such a bad FBI agent. Hawkins backs off. Darcy says that she will only talk to Jimmy without Hawkins. Hawkins leaves and says he'll be out front.

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