Winter's End

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April Is The Cruelest Month, Bleeding

Medical Center. Kenchy prepares for surgery and asks if Mom ever did a surgical rotation. "Only in school," Mom says. "Most of my career was in post-op." Oh, right, she was a nurse. "Kenchy," Meddie begins, uncovering tools, "I feel obligated to ask you if you are sober enough to do this. You can talk me through it." Kenchy stares at her over his surgical mask: "You will refer to me as Dr. Duwalia, nurse. My sobriety is not the issue." "The people I call 'doctor' don't smell like a brewery," Meddie snits. Hon, the people you call "doctor" are probably mostly dead. Mimi interrupts with April's vitals. "God help us," says Kenchy -- I mean, Dr. Duwalia -- as he draws a line on April's iodined stomach.

Jake walks into the hall. He looks annoyed. Aaand it's because Eric's on his tail, being annoying. "Is the baby okay?" Eric asks, pulling on scrubs. "I don't know!" Jake snaps. "Okay? Mom said there was a problem." "We were just collecting firewood," Eric whines. "You don't have to explain it to me," Jake says. Seriously, shut up, Eric. "What about Mom?" Eric asks. "Worry about that," Jake agrees, and claps him on the back as he opens April's door. Mary has suddenly appeared behind Eric. She must've been waiting there the whole time when Eric was getting scrubs on. Mom eyes Eric silently as he walks in, and then catches sight of Mary standing anxiously in the hall. Mom pauses in tying her mask. Jake looks back at Mary. And then to be EXTRA-dramatic and not very sanitary, Mom pulls her mask down and off with both hands and grits, "Shut the door." Jake shuts the door.

Mid-surgery, Kenchy barks orders. Mom drops on her knees to check the baby's heartbeat. Kenchy eyes her and quickly orders her, "Get away from the incision." Mom calmly tells him that she has to hear if the baby is in distress. "GET AWAY FROM THE INCISION!" Kenchy repeats. Mom counters, "You haven't let me get a pulse from this baby in an hour." Mom realizes that the fetal heart rate has dropped considerably. "You're not close enough to the fetus," Meddie explains quickly, looking at Kenchy sideways. "It's not an accurate measure." Kenchy says something about "placenta" and "uterine wall" and I get woozy. Mom pants that she lost the heartbeat. Eric gets annoying and demanding. Why is he there, again? Mom sobs, "The baby's heartbeat has stopped!" "What do you mean it's stopped?" Eric demands. "Stopped" means stopped, Eric. "DO SOMETHING!" Mom pleads. Meddie fixes her comprehending eyes on Kenchy. The lights go out. The diesel has been expended. Kenchy orders the door and blinds opened. Mom keeps bawling, "Why aren't you doing something about the baby?" Kenchy's eyes nod at Meddie, giving her permission. Meddie explains, "This hasn't been about the baby for several hours. The baby never really had a chance. I'm sorry." Eric still doesn't get it. Mom stares up at Kenchy. "I am trying to save April," Kenchy explains deliberately. Mom's eyes bug over her mask. I always thought the Grey's Anatomy cast did an excellent job conveying so much with their eyes when in surgery. This group didn't do too badly, either. Kenchy and Meddie were great. Mom was a little theatrical -- she thinks acting with your eyes means going hyperthyroid.

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