Winter's End

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April Is The Cruelest Month, Bleeding

Frodale and Skylar go up to Mr. Frederickson's house. Frodale once again demands his cut. Frederickson once again refuses, and tells Frodale to go home. He starts to close the door. Frodale shoves his foot against it and glares at him with dead eyes. I don't think there's anything scarier on this show than Frodale's eyes. Frodale pulls his gun out. Skylar just watches. Frodale explains that he's just asking for what's his: "You said there's no law, right?" Frederickson swears he's not trying to cheat anyone; he just doesn't have that much left. Frodale still wants his share. "Right now," Frodale whispers. Frederickson looks down at the gun, and then at Skylar, who only looks a fraction as worried as she should.

Medical Center. Mary and Mayor Dad wait. Eric comes out and pulls off his mask. Jake jumps over and asks what's going on. Holding him off with a hand, Eric says that he needs some space. Mary stares at him. Eric won't look at her. "Lost the baby," Eric says. Jake looks horrified. Mary, heartbroken, tries to embrace Eric with an "Oh, sweetie." But Eric's having none of it; he really wants space. He pushes Mary back and says he needs to be with April. He goes back into the room. Mayor Dad braces himself against the wall and bends down in grief.

Outside the church, Hawkins still waits. It's dusk. Jimmy finally shows up. A deputy does, too. He positions himself on Hawkins's other side. Sort of in the distance, but definitely there. Hawkins notes this, and feels for his gun. "Hey," Hawkins says with a nervous smile, "what took you so long?" Jimmy explains that, since they've talked to Darcy, "a lot of things are starting to make sense now." Uh-oh. Hawkins looks over at the deputy. He's still there. I wish someone would teach Hawkins how not to act to suspect! "You okay, Mr. Hawkins?" Jimmy asks. Oh, here it is -- when cops ask if you're okay, they're about the lower the GOTCHA! boom. Hawkins acts rather miffed and says, "I'm fine." Jimmy nods and continues: "Well, Darcy said that Sarah left for New Orleans, just like you told me." Hawkins forces a laugh and another nervous smile: "What -- did you think I was lying?" Jimmy laughs too, and says that he invited Darcy and the kids to stay with them. Hawkins appreciates that. Jimmy holds out his hand. Hawkins looks down at it. A glacier passes by. There are some penguins on it. They're dancing. Very happy about something. Hawkins fiiiinally takes his hand out of his gun pocket, and grips Jimmy's proffered hand. Jimmy claps his other hand on Hawkins's forearm and leans in. Here it comes! "We found a body, Robert." He's not calling him "Mr. Hawkins" anymore! He's going Columbo on his ass! "Out in the woods." Hawkins looks at him with feigned interest. Jimmy lets go and steps back: "Near Mill Creek. Broken neck, animals got to him." Hawkins visibly relaxes. Jimmy goes on: one of their patrol guys saw an African-American woman driving out that way a few nights ago. Hawkins looks back at the deputy. Yep, still there. "Perfect description of Sarah Mason," Jimmy says. Hey, whose car did Sarah use? Whose gas? Jimmy asks if Sarah could do something like that. Hawkins shrugs, "You know, I'm learning -- it's hard to figure what people are capable of, Jimmy." Jimmy says that their John Doe is bald, and shows him a picture of the body. Of course, it's the Hunter. Hawkins doesn't recognize the guy. "Well, if Sarah comes back, we'd really, really like to talk to her," says Jimmy. How come Jimmy doesn't grill Hawkins on how he knows Sarah enough to take her into his home? "My guess is, she's not coming back," says Hawkins. Jimmy agrees, and leaves.

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