Winter's End

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April Is The Cruelest Month, Bleeding

Back inside. Jake, his face full of tragedy, pauses in the doorway of April's room. Everyone stares at him. Kenchy comes in from behind him, tying up a new surgical mask and asking for new gloves. "Let's get this bleeding stopped, shall we?" Kenchy asks pleasantly. Eric and Mom stare at Jake, marveling that he is the most awesome Green of the family. Eric seems to thank Jake with his eyes, because Jake nods a "you're welcome," and backs slowly out of the room. Kenchy continues to suture.

Post-surgery, April lies in her bed, peaceful. There are candles all around her, and they've done a good job of styling her hair to evoke a Madonna-type effect. Of course, the shape of her face helps, too. Jake peers in and sees Eric hunched over next to the bed. He's staring at his wife, his clasped hands pressed against his face. Mom busies herself cleaning up charts and files. Jake comes up from behind her and lays the side of his face against the back of her head. His eyes are closed. Surprised, Mom freezes. "He's going to need you," Jake tells her. Jake fixes everything. "Now," Jake adds. Mom turns away and realizes that she has to let her anger against Eric go. She wants to blame him for the deaths of April and the baby, but she can't. (Not right now, but maybe when he marries Mary.) April slowly opens her eyes. Eric immediately grabs her hand. "Hold my hand," April pleads weakly. Eric touches her forehead and says, "I'm right here. I'm right next to you." A tear slips from April's eye as she says, "I like the name Tracy." Eric presses her hand between both of his, and holds them up to his face. He smiles around a sob and says, "Tracy's a beautiful name." April looks at him, almost with confusion and then closes her eyes. Eric breaks down in silent sobs, his body shaking with the effort to stay quiet. David Gray's "Hold On To Nothing" plays. David Gray sort of sounds like Tracy Chapman. Mom walks slowly in and touches April's neck -- taking her pulse? She moves to the other side of the bed, grabs at Eric's shoulder, and kisses his head. Eric reaches back and grabs at Mom's hand. Dad walks in, slowly and almost unwilling to believe. His only daughter and his grandchild are dead. Jake follows Dad in and crouches on the floor next to April's bed, opposite Eric. Jake's eyes are red and full and dammit, this is when I lost it. If Jake cries, I'm gonna cry! Jake reaches a hand out to Eric. Eric takes it, still holding on April's. Dad has one hand on Eric, one hand on Mom. There's that being-all-connected thing that Kenchy didn't want to cop to. Jake drops his head on the bed.

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