Winter's End

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April Is The Cruelest Month, Bleeding

Branch Rogerian HQ. Hawkins helps Darcy pack up. He thanks her for sticking to their story. "I didn't do it for you, I did it for Allison," Darcy snaps. Hawkins needs his family to come home. With a catch in his voice, Hawkins says, "I need you." Darcy looks at him and says that, in the last three months, she remembered all the reasons why she needed Hawkins in her life. "So have I," Hawkins says quickly. "I've also remembered why it can never work," Darcy adds. "I need truth, Robert, and that's something you've never given me." Hawkins swears that everything he does, he does for his family. "When you hide a part of yourself -- I don't care what the reason is -- it puts something between us," Darcy explains. "Please," Hawkins begins again. "My daughter just killed a woman," Darcy says. "I don't have any more trust to give you." Yeah, but given how you've been the one to raise Allison for the majority of these past years, shouldn't the fact that she turned out to be a killer be more your fault than Hawkins's, Darcy? Jimmy bumbles up and says that the kids are at the house with his wife; he offers to carry stuff. Darcy gestures at a bag and leaves. "Hang in there," Jimmy tells Hawkins, heartily. "I've got faith in you guys." Hawkins watches Jimmy leave, and smiles in spite of himself.

Medical Center. Bonnie sits cross-legged on bed in the hall, her hands pressed together. She's staring off into space. Mimi taps her shoulder and uncertainly signs, "Sorry?" The wrist of her white shirt is bloody. Bonnie nods, and then her face crumples. Mimi grabs her and holds her head tightly against her chest. Kenchy sits in a hallway. The lights come back on. "Wind turbine's working," Meddie tells a nurse extra, and goes to check on a patient. Kenchy gets up to leave. Meddie stops him: "Dr. Duwalia?" Kenchy turns around. She called him "doctor"! "Mrs. Hodges's cough is worse, and her temperature is 102." Kenchy pauses, taking in what Meddie's telling him. He puts his coat aside and takes the offered stethoscope. He introduces himself to Mrs. Hodges, and slowly tells Meddie, "Why don't you go outside and get a pan of boiling hot water? Build a tent with a sheet. We need to get this woman breathing some moist air." Meddie smiles and walks off. Jake pauses to note that they have a new doctor in town. And it's all because Jake is awesome.

Frodale's store. Skylar and Frodale lie in adjacent sleeping bags. "That was INCREDIBLE!" Skylar crows. "Did you see the look on his face!?" "I know," Frodale laughs, "I thought he was going to have a heart attack and we'd have to drive him to the Medical Center." They giggle over a man having a heart attack because they threatened him with a gun. Skylar sighs that she thinks they're going to be okay. Frodale turns on his side and thanks her for coming. Skylar turns on her side and says she wanted to be there. With him. And then they start making out like horny teenagers. Because they are horny teenagers. Isn't Frederickson going to tell on Frodale?

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