Winter's End

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April Is The Cruelest Month, Bleeding

Hawkins's House. Hawkins finally opens the door to reveal Sheriff Jimmy on the other side. Hawkins doesn't ask him in and instead -- with the door open a just enough to fully see his face -- just says, "Hey, Jimmy," fairly unenthusiastically. Sheriff Jimmy smiles broadly, peeks past Hawkins into the house, and hopes he didn't wake the kids. Hawkins looks behind him into the house and turns back to say, "No, you're okay." Still doesn't invite him in, though. Sheriff Jimmy smiles next to the long beam of the flashlight he's shining into the house and nods, "Mine are the same way -- up at all hours. Worse when you have TVs." "Is there something I can do for you, Jimmy?" Hawkins pretty much interrupts him. Sheriff Jimmy gets this sheepishly obliging look on his face as he apologizes and explains, while shifting his weight from one foot to the other (presumably to keep warm, HAWKINS!), that Mayor Gray wants to keep track of the refugees. Find out where they ended up and what -- if any, although Jimmy doesn't say this -- work the refugees are doing for the town. Hawkins doesn't say anything. "Sarah Mason," Jimmy says, jiggling around. "She's been staying with you, right?" Unbelievably, Hawkins doesn't answer; he just stares back at Jimmy. "Mr. Hawkins?" Jimmy starts. "Yeah?" Hawkins asks. "It's freezin' out here-- uh, she around?" Jimmy asks finally.

Jericho Medical Center. The lights come on, signaling that the generator is back online, as Jake appears. He's so awesome that the lights come on just for him. Jake reports that they are on their last tank of diesel power, and that the fuel will only last for ten or twelve hours. April has a worried hand on her baby bump, and starts to breathe hard and fast, as Mom asks about the bio-diesel. They burned their bio-diesel days ago. April collapses and takes a tray with her. "Oh, GOD!" Mom squalls. Jake and Mom rush to April's side, and some crazy light source swings overhead. I'm not really sure why there's a light swinging overhead, because I'm pretty darn certain April didn't smack her head on one as she collapsed. To the floor. I'd dismiss them as concerned flashlights, because we see a lot of those later, but the lights just came on, so...? Jake pleads with April to wake up, and then yells, "Get over here!" at someone.

Tonight's Morse code message is, "We put the 'E.R'. in 'Jericho.'"

Hawkins's House. Hawkins finally has the grace to let Jimmy inside. I love that Jimmy politely takes off his hat as he walks inside and looks around. "It's colder than a witch's patootie!" Jimmy goofs. "Patootie"? Jimmy's so endearingly Petticoat Junction that he's about one Dan Rather away from calling the attack a humdinger of a nuclear hootenanny. When questioning Hawkins, I dearly want Jimmy to tell him to cut the malarkey because he suspects Hawkins has been up to some tomfoolery. Hawkins lights one of his stockpiled candles. Jimmy notes this and comments that he saw Hawkins using electric lights as he came up the walk. Hawkins slowly looks up at him. Jimmy keeps flicking his flashlight around the house like a kid jacked up on SweetTarts. Hawkins finally says, "I got a geni in the basement, but uh --" I swear to you I thought he said, "I got Jenny in the basement," and I was all, "ANOTHER body?!" But then I realized that Hawkins would never admit that to Jimmy, and decided that Jenny could be a hamster powering Hawkins's house from her little wheel. ANYway, enough of free-association of the insane. Hawkins has a generator in the basement, but he just used the last of his gas. "What were yeh doin'?" Jimmy asks. Hawkins was putting some stuff in storage and was just cleaning up. "Using the last of your fuel on housework, huh?" Jimmy grins happily. He bobs his knees into a happy squat and guffaws, "Darcy's trained you WELL! Heh-heh-heh!" I don't know if I can really do justice to Jimmy's tone here, but if you watched the second season of Top Chef, he's Mike/Flounder. He probably even says "aiggs."

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