Winter's End

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April Is The Cruelest Month, Bleeding

A low-slung truck drives down the grey and snow-covered Main Street. Walking out to greet it, Mayor Dad marvels to Mayor Gray, "The guys from New Bern -- they actually built the thing. I can't believe it!" A guy with a strategically graying black beard and piercing blue eyes calls Mayor Dad an "SOB," and playfully wonders how the hell he lost an election. "Well, the question is," Mayor Dad returns, gripping his hand, "how did you get to be in charge in New Bern? They get tired of you being the sheriff?" New Bern's Sheriff-Mayor looks fondly at his group and grins that he's still sheriff; he's just got more authority now. Mayor Dad stares at him and gives an unenthusiastic "Oh," before introducing Mayor Gray to all and sundry. Sheriff-Mayor grips Mayor Gray's arm with odd, sort of faux-intense sincerity, looks him in the eye, and says, "Congratulations." Dude, you've been sniffing too much wind turbine grease. Mayor Gray uncomfortably changes the subject and says, "So, this is the windmill, huh?" "It's the power-generating wind turbine," Russell corrects him. "We get about fifteen hundred watts an hour out of one of these." "Hey, now hold the phone just one dang second!" complains The Evil Dr. Mathra from his office. "Saying 'watts per hour' is as incorrect as saying that the Millennium Falcon made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. Because a watt is already a per-hour measurement of energy. It really should just be 'fifteen hundred watts' or 'one-point-five kilowatts per hour.'" Jake limps over and absently shakes Russell's hand. He can't find Eric; he checked Mary's place and Mary's bar and everywhere. Did he check Mary herself? Maybe he's in there. Jake gets a load of the wind turbine and asks if it works. It does. "Good, then lets get it up as soon as fast as we can," Jake tells Russell. He turns to Mayor Dad and meaningfully says, "I think we're going to need it at the Medical Center." Jake tells Dad that April passed out, and that there might be something wrong with the baby. Dad immediately takes off without a word. Jake limps after him.

Jericho Medical Center. Mimi and Bonnie pull up in a truck that isn't the one Jake was pinned under. I guess if you have a corn farm, you probably have more than one truck. Mimi tells Bonnie she'll pick her up at 5. "I'll walk," Bonnie sneers at her contemptuously, and turns to stomp out of the car. Mimi grabs at her arm and makes her look at her: "Look, Stanley thinks you're using this whole volunteering thing as an excuse to see Sean Henthorn." Mimi's just following orders to keep an eye on Bonnie; personally, she really doesn't care whom Bonnie dates. Bonnie informs her, "I've been volunteering here since I was sixteen. This isn't about Sean." Bonnie gets out of the car and stoops to look back at Mimi: "You volunteer for anything? Ever?" Mimi pulls a face.

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