Winter's End

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April Is The Cruelest Month, Bleeding

Jake tugs a recalcitrant Kenchy into April's hospital room. Kenchy asks what April's pressure is. Instead of answering a question that could help a dying woman, Meddie sniffs, "You smell like a wino." "Nice to meet you, too," Kenchy retorts. "What is her PRESSURE please?!" Mom gives it, and Kenchy learns that April is dilated and her contractions are six minutes apart. Haven't they stopped them with alcohol yet? Kenchy looks with concern at the bloody sheets, and gapes that he needs an ultrasound. "I brought some old ones up from the basement," Mom replies. "I'll go check on them now." Why hasn't she checked on them yet? Jake is hard on Mom's heels. Kenchy tells Meddie to find an O-neg donor if they don't have fresh plasma. Bonnie and Mimi are standing uselessly at the back of the room. Kenchy asks if they have a fetal heart monitor. Bonnie shakes her head, so Kenchy hands over a stethoscope and instructs her on how to listen for the baby's heartbeat. Upset, Bonnie shakes her head and says, "I'm deaf." Kenchy laughs mirthlessly, shaking his head in disbelief, and beckons to Mimi with a "Madam!" Mimi was craning her neck to look out of the room and not really paying attention to anything. Kenchy tells her to come and monitor the baby's heartbeat. Mimi tries to say she can't, but Kenchy's having none of it. Mimi, giving wide nervous eyes to Bonnie, walks over and puts on the stethoscope. Kenchy instructs Mimi to listen for the higher, faster heartbeat -- the one that goes "Fffft! Fffft! Ffft! Ffft!" Once Mimi gets how to do beats per minute, Kenchy sheds his jacket and says he's going to show her how to take blood pressure and pulse.

Outside, the wind turbine gets ready for raising, while Skylar badgers Mayor Gray. He can't fathom why she's bugging him about a contract dispute. As Mayor Gray points out that he has more important things to deal with -- like getting power restored -- Frodale stands pissy with crossed arms. He's an angry little Hobbit. Gray adds that he has break-ins all over town and refugees who are threatening to break into the food lock-up. Hm, sowing beet seeds of discontent for a future episode? Skylar and Frodale subside into the background as the turbine is raised to a prominent and lighting-roddish position in front of the Town Hall. The sawing fiddle music reminds me of Firefly. People applaud. It's too bad they couldn't have turned this into an old-fashioned turbine-raising. The Pontipee boys could have come down from their mountain looking for wives and started a big dancing brawl in their colorful blouses. Mayor Dad strides over, and Gray -- with great concern, it must be noted -- asks about the baby. Mayor Dad doesn't know anything yet, and asks how close the turbine is to actually doing something useful. Not for a couple of hours. Mayor Dad turns away to ponder to himself a bit. Gray gets thoughtful and asks Sheriff-Mayor -- who finally gets a name: Phil -- if they can buy some more turbines. Mayor Dad gives this question a leery, sidelong look. "Yeah, let's talk about it," Sheriff Phil says, way too smoothly and easily. He's going to be slippery.

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