Winter's End

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April Is The Cruelest Month, Bleeding

Okay, so Hawkins asks Jimmy if he wanted something. Jimmy -- on Gray's bidding again -- wants to know what sort of supplies and provisions Sarah might have taken with her. Again, this is not because Gray really cares if Sarah had enough to keep her going, as I originally thought, but more because Gray's probably keeping a checklist of what resources the refugees are gobbling up. Hawkins confirms that Sarah didn't drive out of town (well, that part's true, she was driven and dragged), and that she took a backpack with some food and a tent. "She just walked out into the cold, huh?" Jimmy leads. Yep. Crazy? Yep. Jimmy offers that Darcy might know more. Hawkins really doesn't think that would be the case. "Well, I just figured that women talk, you know -- who knows what the hell they say," Jimmy goofs. You'd be surprised, Jimmy. You'd be surprised. Because Hawkins is being so unhelpful, Jimmy shuffles around, clears his throat, and asks if he can talk to Darcy. Hawkins looks up with a half-smile and steps closer to Jimmy with an air of confidentiality to admit, "Jimmy, Darcy and I are having problems -- she moved out." Jimmy's face immediately freezes and falls with sympathy: "Oh, boy -- that's tough. A lot of people leaving you lately." Hawkins snaps his head up at this. Jimmy immediately apologizes, but again, I wonder if he's in Columbo mode. I swear Columbo would be all, "The way it sounds, Mrs. Seymour, is that none of your husbands could stand your grasping ways. Oh, ma'am, I'm -- I'm so sorry. You know it's just this cold I got and this medicine Mrs. Columbo is making me take -- it's just making me really woozy." But he would have gotten the reaction and filed it away for later. Jimmy apologizes for being insensitive and hangs his head like a paper-smacked puppy. Jimmy's all, "Really?" Hawkins limps to the shed -- how come Jimmy hasn't asked about his limp? Inside the shed, Hawkins quickly unspools the rope from the pulley and coils it up. "Hey, how're your communication skills?" Jimmy calls in from the outside. "You know, because that's really what marriage is all about." Hawkins replaces the floor panels over the top of the BOMB. "Honesty, love..." Jimmy continues. "I'd say it's fifty-fifty, sort of like half and half, you know?" I really hope Jimmy's bumbling is an act, because otherwise, I fear for Jericho. Hawkins put on his coat and loads his gun. "Actually, more like thirds, if you throw respect in there," Jimmy reconsiders, "but not equal thirds, because honesty is more...important than the love and the respect. I think." Hawkins casts his eyes to the ceiling. Hee.

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