Winter's End

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April Is The Cruelest Month, Bleeding

Town Square. Mayor Gray, Mayor Dad, and Stanley discuss terms for more turbines. Sheriff Phil explains that Jericho has one of the only salt mines for four hundred miles: "A year without salt and New Bern will be a ghost town." Mayor Gray can get behind that: "What are we talking about? A couple hundred pounds?" No: they need a lot more than that, and they also need food. Russell watches these proceedings warily. Stanley says that they have no food to spare, and that they won't see another crop of anything until spring. That's fine, because the spring crop is what Sheriff Phil is talking about. Mayor Dad doesn't say anything. He just takes this all in, but you can see the wheels whirring. He gives Russell the eye, but Russell looks down. Sheriff Phil proposes ten turbines for 10% of their crop. Mayor Gray and Stanley immediately negate that. They don't even know if their own spring crop will be enough for the town. Mayor Dad finally steps in and says he's just asking them to be reasonable. "And we're just trying to survive," Russell counters. Sheriff Phil looks over at Mayor Dad and Russell eyeing each other. "Starve next fall or freeze this winter," Sheriff Phil reminds them. "Take your pick." And, like any hard-assed negotiator, he walks away. Russell shifts his weight a bit, but when Mayor Dad looks at him, he follows Sheriff Phil.

Medical Center. Kenchy pushes buttons on the found sonogram machine -- kind of makes you wonder if there's anything else in that hospital basement that escaped [The Pulse That Dare Not Speak Its Name]. The basements in Jericho are clearly magical. Bonnie dashes up with an IV bag of clear liquid. Kenchy barely looks at it or her and says, "Yeah, Vancomycin, good. Start a drip two-hundred-fifty milligrams IV." Bonnie, who couldn't see his lips, doesn't know what he said, and as she hesitates, Kenchy impatiently grabs the bag away and proceeds to do it himself. Jake limps in at high speed and says he's found four O-neg donors. I'll bet Jake is all of them. Because he's Jake. Everyone does medical fussing over April, and none of the results are good. Bonnie looks at Mimi anxiously; she shrugs sympathetically, unable to tell her what's going on. The baby shows up on the monitor, and both Meddie and Kenchy freeze at the sight. Mom tensely asks what he sees. "Placenta previa," Kenchy says shortly. "What's that?" Jake asks. He's asking for the rest of us; he already knows what it is. Because he's Jake. It means that the placenta is covering the entire cervix, and Kenchy can't tell where the bleeding is coming from until they operate. Cue Kenchy's first breakdown. He rips off his gloves and says he can't perform an operation in these conditions. After Jake asks why, Kenchy says, "I've have been through this more times than you can imagine." Jake points out that they've all been through a lot, and pleads, "Just tell us what you need!" Because whatever it is, Jake will make it happen. Because he's Jake. "I've seen hundreds of people die because of dirty facilities and infection and because I didn't have the proper medicine or equipment that I needed," says Kenchy. "I'm not doing it again. You can find yourself another butcher." Jake is going to be that butcher, right? Because he did the tracheotomy? And because he's Dr. Jake Ramoray!

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