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Out with a Whimper

Inside, the gang makes one last meal, and JWOWW's dog lays one last turd on the floor. Everyone exchanges loving jabs before they pack up.

Sammi and Ronnie are the first to leave. Independently. Snooki admits she would rather have Ronnie back if given the choice, then whispers, "Don't tell Sam that!" Ronnie thinks he never should have broken his rule "Don't fall in love at the Jersey Shore," especially since what he had with Sammi was "never real." Tell that to this loyal recapper, bitch. For her part, Sammi says, "There is no Sam-and-Ron. I'm alone now. It's not a good feeling." Which is sad on levels that I can't even begins to explicate. Moving on...

Back inside, Vinny wishes goodbye to Snooki and Deena. Snooki admits that she and Vinny have a rollercoaster, friends-with-benefits type of relationship. They insist they're not like Ronnie and Sammi and leave it open that they could be serious in the future.

Sitch leaves next, happy with what he begat and ready to go learn him some cha cha.

JWOWW leaves, gratified that she got a boyfriend and prepared for a few more months of Filthy Couture. Her departure is hardest on her best friend Snooki. They agree that they can't wait to come back next summer and harass Danny some more.

Pauly bids his adieus, claiming they have unfinished drama and that this has been the best summer yet.

Finally Deena and Snooki leave. Snook sees big things in their future, including perhaps a Polizzi-Cortese ballot in 2012. Promises Snooki, "I would get shit done in this country. The economy would rise... everyone would be tan... and all the radios would play house music!" And, really, what more can you ask than that?

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