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Jenni's really mad because Roger's an hour late and he has to leave by 10, which is in 40 minutes at this point. Someone brings a cake and sings before he arrives. Then he finally shows up and Jenni pouts. He apologizes and says he fell asleep. Vinny tells us that the fact is Roger's 80 and needs sleep, so he's going to miss some things. Roger asks her if she's going to make a bigger deal about this and JWOWW says this is the worst surprise birthday party ever. Then Roger jokes about how pissed he is that Mike, Deena and Sam are late to his party. Jenni won't stop pouting, so he moves to the next table and it's a full-on fight. Jenni decides to turn her mood around.

Deena, Sam and Mike show up, and the Meatballs dance. Mike and Paula snuggle up. Sam and Ron crazy dance. Then Jenni, Deena and Sam all put balloons up their shirts and dance like they're pregnant to make Nicole feel better. Sam and Deena try to Jersey Turnpike, so Deena's like, "I better get all my Jersey Turnpiking in now." The party is in full effect by this point, so it's bull-riding time. Ron rides it first and falls right off. Deena says she's ready to "take the bull by the... thingy." Deena falls forward, and Snooki says it's typical meatball -- "All I see is ass in my face, and I'm like, 'You go, girl!' "

Shore Store. Snooki's on the ground, so Mike asks if she's okay or needs food. She asks him to leave her alone and tells him to stop asking. She says they're not friends, so just stop. He says he's just trying to be nice. He interviews that she's not saint either and is she really going to be that cold. He asks if she's going to hate him the rest of his life, and she says she doesn't hate him, but doesn't want to be friends with him. He asks, "Ever?" And she says, "Yes." She tells him that just because he's healthy and sober doesn't mean she's over it or forgiving him. He feels bad, because he thinks he's a different person and she knows how hard he's worked. He goes for a walk, and Danny tells Ron, "Nicole hurt his feelings."

After work, JWOWW asks Nicole if Mike's going to leave her alone now, and she thinks he will. She says that if he wants to talk about it, he should bring it up, admit he lied and apologize. JWOWW gets it. She is sick of him, too, with the whole pity party and the being clean thing. "I might literally snap." Not sure what she means by literally there, but whatever.

Ron, Mike Pauly hit the boardwalk and run into a big gang of Pauly's friends who are going to join them for drinks tonight. Meanwhile, JWOWW gets flowers from Roger at the Shore Store -- an apology for last night. He sent Ron one, too, but she got a dozen. Deena invites Danny on a Meatball-Sausage date and they run around on the boardwalk. Deena thinks he's pretty good at auditioning to be a Meatball. They're riding rides, playing games, drinking. She's having a blast and loving life. Danny tells her it's her third shift and she's already drinking. "You're corrupting me now." Pauly and his gang join them. Then Roger. Danny head out and Deena realizes he cannot be a true Meatball. Jenni arrives and says it's a good time, because everyone's smiling and happy. Until Deena gets a giant blue ball as a prize and falls down, then has to chase it around the boardwalk while everyone keeps taking it from her. JWOWW could never imagine one big blue ball could cause such chaos on the boardwalk. Ron makes a really trashy joke about Deena having blue balls on her face.

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