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Something Finally Happens

MTV knows when it has a good thing, so it shows the start of the fight again. But the fight's over and Jenni actually felt like Angry Friend (Ryan) was doing the right thing for a change. Everyone relives this non-fight and Ron and Sam hug. Jenni feels like the problem's solved and no one else will try to fight them. Then, all of a sudden, people start fighting and Pauly uses the word "melee" correctly. Sam and Ron can't find each other for a second, though they are staying out of it. So are Pauly, Vinny and sober Mike. The bouncers are holding everyone back and Jenni's trying to hold Roger back, because she doesn't want him to get in trouble. He basically is so fired up that he pushes Jenni out of the way by the neck. Not cool. She's yelling at Roger, and rightfully.

Next week: Injuries, drunkenness, and someone's getting arrested. Hey, at least it won't be Snooki for a change.

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, thinks the number of fights on this show is directly proportionate to the amount of steroids used. You can contact her at

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