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JWOWW consoles crying Snooki in the bathroom. Snooki interviews that she's given The Situation enough chances and is done with him once and for all. Sammi declares Sitch "a sick fuckin' kid," and Ronnie chimes in, "I've been saying that since day one, and nobody would listen to me." Even Vinny thinks Sitch doesn't know when enough's enough. He asks, "How many wake-up calls does Mike need?"

The next day, Pauly gives Vinny a gentle nudge and sings that they're going to Sicily. The girls have decided to take a wine tasting trip to Tuscany, but Snooki's being a grump and refusing to wake up. Eventually JWOWW rouses her, and the girls put on their Kentucky Derby finery and head out the door. Oh, and Snooki drops an ass bomb on the way out just so we don't forget who we're dealing with.

Vinny is super-excited to reclaim his roots as the guys take their plane to Sicily. On the cab ride from the airport, Vinny is amazed by the scenery -- volcanoes and trees and generally unmarred nature. It's no Turnpike-side oil refinery, but it'll do, I guess. The Situation and Ronnie are less enthusiastic. Sitch says it's "definitely some Mafia-type shit," and Ronnie thinks the environs may be a little to rustic for his liking. Bet the local stores don't sell Xenadrine there! They get out of the cab and are greeted by a flood of relatives and twice as many kisses on the cheeks. Ronnie says, "I'm just like, 'Ciao!'" There's a sarcastic tone in his voice that is nonsense. How can he not realize how cool this is? God, that kid is worthless.

Meanwhile, the ladies hit up their first winery, a castle with a 900-year-old wine cellar. Snooki says she's getting a haunted vibe and is not helped by JWOWW randomly hiding behind corners and popping out at her to scream, "BOO!"

Back in Sicily, Sitch proves that he sucks at soccer before getting hit square in the nuts with a soccer ball. Now that's DIY Karma! After that, the family shows the boys pictures of Vinny through the years. Pauly makes a digital copy of one of them to keep on hand as ammo, but I think Vinny looks pretty much the same. The only difference being his jacked up nose. Has our Vinny had a rhinoplasty?

They move on to their wine and food pairing. The sommelier tries to tell them all about the history of the castle, but all Snooki wants is a hefty glass of vino. She expresses her boredom by belching while the lady is speaking. The lady stops talking for a split-second, so Snooki hijacks the conversation. She wonders what she should do about Jionni. JWOWW tells her the damage is done and advises her to move on. Snooki says she loves Jionni, but JWOWW thinks, "If you loved him then you wouldn't have done that with Vinny." Cue super-uncomfortable looks from the host. Snooki thinks JWOWW is being a terrible friend. She has deluded herself to the point that she actually says out loud, "I would never cheat on him." JWOWW: "YOU DID!" Even Deena has an inkling that Snooki had sex with Vinny, but she admits she would have taken a less direct approach than JWOWW. The WOWW holds strong to her talking points, which only makes Snooki that much more doubtful about their friendship.

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