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Sitch heads back outside and asks (really tells) Angelina to do the dishes he left for her. She insists that she cleaned all morning. And by "cleaned," she means "shifted dishes around at arm's length like a damn princess sent to the servants' quarters. And by "all morning," she means "for two minutes until my friend called and I romped off to the beach to pick up this dirty dude." Sitch gets fed up with Angelina's line of bullshit, so he brings up Maxigate 2010. He calls her "the dirtiest girl [he's] ever met." They go back and forth until things really reach their verbal peak when Sitch calls her a "dirty little hamster," and she responds by saying he looks "like Popeye on crack." The floodgates have opened, so Sitch brings up her hooking up with two guys in 24 hours and says the only thing she's good at is being a ho. Angelina shoots back that Sitch's penis should fall off. Both valid points. Angelina then accuses The Situation of embarrassing her in front of her "real friends." Speaking of, poor I-think-his-name's-Mike, is still there and doesn't have the luxury of watching this from the comfort of his own home like I do. I suspect it's much less amusing up close. Especially when Angelina leaps from the couch and starts throwing girly slaps at The Situation. To be continued...

Next week: The Canadian beaver is a screamer! Angelina somehow thinks Sitch's habit of picking up these trashy tricks somehow makes her less of a whore. And Snooki brings one of Angelina's former bed buddies home. Rings are taken off. Weaves are pulled. It is on, bitches.

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