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The editors splice in a song with the chorus "You are so fake!" And the specter of Angelina lives on! Snooki finally breaks the silence, saying what they had before was "amazing." Maybe a bit of an overstatement, but Sammi agrees that she enjoyed hanging out with these girls. JWOWW proves to be the bigger person by saying that she is willing to swallow her pride and apologize. Sammi says thank you to JWOWW's face, then interviews that she thinks JWOWW wasn't genuine. Yeah, it's JWOWW that's the two-faced one here. Get a clue, Sweetheart. How in Hades did she ever get that nickname? Maybe it's ironic, like calling a linebacker "Tiny." JWOWW says Angelina was the source of all this friction, and Snooki tries to rally the troops, saying they can use their time left in Miami without Angelina for girl time. Sammi remains stone-faced. Snooki asks her, "No?" JWOWW thinks they need to take baby steps, and Sammi promises to try to move forward. She reluctantly says she needs to get her nails done tomorrow, so Snooki suggests they all get pedis and offers to bring the vodka. Now that's my kind of pedi pal. JWOWW remains unconvinced that her relationship with Sammi can be salvaged. She deems Sammi too "prissy" and says "I used to beat girls like that up in high school." Snooki remains hopeful as Ronnie returns inside and takes Sammi to bed, but once they reach their respective bedrooms, both Sammi and JWOWW admit that they'll never be friends again.

The next day, Vinny proves persistence is a virtue (or maybe that desperation eventually wears a bitch down) when he sets up a beach date with Ramona, the go-go dancing club waitress who stood him up some weeks ago. Apparently, she apologized to him since the sad incident, and he's hopeful that he can right things. He prepares a booze-filled picnic, and then time passes... and passes... and passes. He gets anxious that she's up to her old tricks. After a few hours, he calls Ramona, and her voicemail box is full. A minute later, the phone rings, and it's a bevy of other cuties who want to hook up with Vinny. He waits another five minutes for Ramona's benefit, but she doesn't show, so he calls back the DTB (Down To Beach) girls and invites them over to the house.

Wouldn't you know that, just seconds later, Ramona calls and says she can't find him. He scrambles to decide whether he should go with the sure bets or the real deal. Ultimately, he chooses Ramona, who teaches him the finer points of Romanian geography and social ritual. All in all, they have a good day, and not just because of Ramona's adorable little Yorkie puppy frolicking in the surf. Ramona even says her cheeks hurt from smiling. They make plans to meet up again, and Vinny happily gets a goodnight kiss.

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