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Inside the club, they start fist pumping like there's no tomorrow and dancing like no one's watching. Ramona arrives, catching The Situation's attention. Vinny leaves her alone for a single second, and Sitch swoops in for the robbery. Pauly does not approve. When Vinny returns, Ramona tells him about Sitch's dick move. She didn't go for it, but Vinny gets his guard up since this wouldn't be the first time Sitch has engaged in this sort of monkey business. Vinny speculates that Sitch might have a bit of an obsession with him, which is borne out when JWOWW and Pauly notice Sitch staring like a creep at Vinny grinding up on Ramona.

As the night wears on, Sitch grows even more frustrated that everyone else is having more fun than he is. He eventually gets up and makes a move on Snooki. She reels back, but he's unfazed and actually starts to molest her a little -- sticking his hand up her skirt and whatnot. He tries to get her to leave with him. She says no again, so he lashes out like a kindergartener, slapping her in the mouth. Snooki explains that Sitch without a bitch is a bad scene because he gets mean and aggressive. Sitch sees it another way, claiming he's the "daddy" of the house and what he says goes.

Snooki tries to walk away, but he gets in her face and screams like a maniac. He storms off, and she wipes away a tear. Next, he tries to rally JWOWW to go back home with him, but she won't leave without Snooki. He says he doesn't care about Snooki, so JWOWW immediately reports this to Snooki. Snooki says Sitch isn't being himself lately, and she doesn't want to be around it anymore. Even Pauly and Ronnie acknowledge that Sitch has turned sour and impatient. The girls split from the guys and fuel the feud while Sitch tries to convince other roommates to leave with him. JWOWW says everyone is getting tired of his antics. Since no one will go home yet, he has nothing but to watch them having fun from a distance.

Next week: Sitch starts a club fight and a house fire. It's a banner week!

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