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Going To Italia

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Festa è Qui! (That's Italian for "Party's Here!")

While everyone else jubilates in his/her independence, The Situation decides to tie up the loose end that is Snooki. While everyone stares at the two of them like people watching an unavoidable collision, he moves from hugs to cheek kisses to full-on face plants. To her immense credit, Snooki does not have one second of it. She is not mean. But. It. Ain't. Happ'nin'. Even so, the gang is having the most fun. They're beating up that beat like it won't be back tomorrow and testing out their new language skills. Specifically, Deena to Pauly: "Ti piacciono le tette" (i.e. "Do you like the boobs")? Of course he does. At which they embark on a night-long episode of porn tongue. Deena: "I LOVE ITALY!!!!!"

This season: Lots of making out. Lots of fist pumping (pugno di pompaggio), Snooki runs into a cop car. Snooki and Sitch hook up? Then hate each other? Then Sitch goes crazy and ends up on a stretcher? And, from what I can tell, JWOWW still refuses to eat a sandwich. Alas.

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