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That morning, the boys serve up a full English breakfast and Canadian bacon sandwiches to Samantha, who has no sense of shame aboot it whatsoever. Vinny and Pauly tease her about whether she's coming back, though they suspect Sitch will send her back to the Great White North post-haste now that he's gotten what he wants. As they eat, Jose thanks Sitch for letting him stay in his bed. Some time later, Sitch makes a point of calling out Angelina for not being as respectful as her bed buddy. Angelina begrudgingly says thanks, knowing that Sitch's talk of mutual respect will not forestall another confrontation after Jose leaves.

Angelina's friend leaves that afternoon, weirdly telling Angelina that she's proud of her. And why would that be? Angelina worries that her "serenity" is leaving and justifies her bitch-ass behavior by saying she has no real friends in the house. Not to sound like a broken round, but you have no friends because you're a bitch, honey. Not the other way around.

As predicted, Sitch holds a powwow with MVP, JWOWW, and Snooki a bit later to grouse about Angelina taking over his bed. Even JWOWW recognizes that it was dick move, crazier than she could have imagined given the shit that went down just hours before. Why Angelina didn't just put her friend in Sitch's bed (or on the couch, which is probably cleaner than all of those beds anyway), I couldn't tell you. Sometimes I have to remind myself that relentless stupidity is the Occam's Razor binding this house full of nut jobs together. At any rate, Sitch revisits the topic with Angelina when she emerges from the bathroom. He insists all he wanted was an apology or a thank-you like Jose gave. Angelina claims she did thank him, but he says it was only because he forced her to so it doesn't count. And that's unlike now how?

Angelina stands her ground and tells Sitch to drop it. Of course her response only prolongs this dumb-ass conflict further. He tells her right back to "drop [her] fuckin' big ass," and she tells him, "Drop your ugly face." At that, he calls her a loser. JWOWW interviews that she feels for Angelina a bit since Sitch is a button pusher and is treating her like shit. Angelina repeats JWOWW's words that she deserves to be here, saying she's been nice to everyone and has only been stepped all over. She adds that if anyone wants to say anything, they should say it to her face, then they'll fight. Like me, Sitch can no longer resist the urge to laugh in her face. It's refreshing to see he's realized that you can't argue with crazy. That'll save a lot of energy. He calls her a fraud. She interviews that she no longer wants to have anything to do with these people. So then why be there? Living with these imbeciles for one more week is no badge of honor, dear. You're not earning points for Heaven. If you don't like these people or want to be around them, leave for criminy's sake.

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