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"I Wanna Go Home!"

Prank time! Deena's gone, so Pauly and Vinny decide to take all of her pictures of her and Chris, go pose the same way, and then replace the pictures of Chris and Deena with pictures of Vinny and Pauly. This is actually a hilarious prank, and I cannot imagine her not finding this funny. Pauly and Vinny are chuckling the entire time they're working on the prank. Unfortunately, Deena and Sam get back to the house before Pauly and Vinny, so they have to hide the pictures. But Deena notices her pictures are missing before they get back home. She's already searching under mattresses and everything else when Pauly comes in. He distracts her while Vinny switches out the pictures. Vinny tells us that she's so easy to distract that you could lay a laser pointer on the ground and distract her. Which is practically what Pauly does. She walks into her room, sees the Vinny and Pauly kissy-face pictures, and laughs. Then she says, "I don't want that!" She asks where the pictures are, but they are basically ignoring that question.

Ron and Deena head to the boardwalk to be Meatballs, I guess, leaving Snooki sitting home alone. Deena's playing with stuffed animals and going into details about her sex life with Chris. Ron is making vomiting motions as she tells him that she's only ever had an orgasm with Chris. Ron tells her he'd like to never hear this ever again, please. She immediately repeats that he's the only guy who ever made her orgasm. Ron gags us into commercial.

Some cops hover outside the bar where Deena's drinking, and she promises she won't go in the street. She says she's afraid of cops right now, but then goes out and asks them a question. And hugs them. She found out she can dance as much as she wants, as long as she's on the boardwalk. They head back home to get ready to go to Karma, and she tells Ron this is what a Meatball is: drunk and ready to go again.

Snooki has decided she's going to Karma again. "And, plus, I think everyone wants to hang out with me." Ron whispers to Sam that he loves Deena, but if she talks about herself anymore, he's going to (expletive). Sam tells him to tell her. Karma. Jenni sees all her best Long Island friends are there. With Roger. She says she can't believe he did this for her, and it is the best feeling ever. Snooki is looking for her baby daddy, who shows up and asks her how she's feeling. She tells him she wants to cook him dinner, and he's incredulous. She says if it tastes like shit, he has to tell her. But he says he can't tell her that. Why do I think they are so cute now? Oh, right: Snooki is sober. She is better this way.

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