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"I Wanna Go Home!"

Back at her apartment, Snooki starts trying to cook for Jionni. She says she actually wants to do a good job and impress him because he's going to be her husband. After she sets the oil on fire in the kitchen, she calls her dad. Then everything starts smoking. She thinks it will be a miracle if she gets through this experience without burning down the house. She leaves the pan on the burner while she gets instructions from her dad. She does attempt what looks like a decent meal, but she gags when she takes a bite.

Sam wants to go home and shower, but Deena tells her to just stay. Sam says she's not a dirt like you. Sam and Ron head home. Sam explains she's not Deena's mom; she's her friend. So if she wants to stay out and be a Meatball she can. Deena says that it's cool for a Meatball to stay out by herself. She's drinking and smoking up a storm. Back at the house, the Duck phone rings. It's Deena's mom, asking if Deena's drunk having fun on the boardwalk. Sam tells the truth that she's drunk, but says she doesn't think she's as drunk as she was last week. Deena's mom says she's coming down there if Deena's drunk again. Sam feels bad that she left Deena on the boardwalk by herself. This whole conversation is intercut with Deena dancing on pool tables and bars and all over the place. The timing on these phone calls (Mike and Paula, Deena's mom and Sam) makes me think they're set up. MTV wouldn't script this stuff, would they? Never!

Between commercials, there is a little deleted scene or whatever of Deena in her jumpsuit at the Shore Store. She steals from the cash register, has a fake gun and paints her face. Danny plays along. Yeah, I can see why they deleted that.

Jionni shows up at Snooki's for dinner and tells her it smells so good. She's really worried and knows he's going to hate it. He looks at the pasta and chicken cutlet, and asks what's next. She asks him which one he wants to throw up first, and says she's embarrassed. Then she gives him some chicken cutlet, and he tells her it's really good. I don't even think he's lying. She says he made his throw-up face, but he says he didn't. Then he tries the noodles. She says she's sorry, and he asks what's wrong with it. She asks if he's kidding, and he says it tastes good. She starts coughing and laughing and pees at the table. I mean, yeah, that happens to pregnant people. But it also always happens to Snooki.

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