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‘Everyone Goes to the Drunk Tank’

Ironically, Ron has to inform Snooki where the jail is. You'd think she'd know, right? But I guess she's usually too drunk when she's here. When they pull up, Deena's parents are there. The gang tries to explain she just had a lot to drink, but her parents are freaking out. (Um, do they not know how she makes her giant income?) The gang leaves and Ron says Deena effed up by calling her parents instead of her roommates. But she comes out and they hug each other, and she's super-happy to see them. She says that being arrested is not fun and she cried the entire time. Back at the house, Deena explains to her mom that she was having fun and then got arrested with no warning. Her mom tells her that it goes pretty quickly from fun to not fun. She lectures that there's no reason to be this drunk in the afternoon. Her mom tells her that if this happens again, the judge isn't going to go, "Oh Deena. You had a Meatball day." Deena cries, and interviews that she feels bad she put her parents through this. Her parents walk away with faith their message got through.

The crew stops to get her a card on the way home. So, MVP gets home with the stroller before they get there. Everyone fills MVP in on Deena's arrest. Snooki gives Deena a "Congratulations, you're officially a Meatball" card. And Vinny adds, "And next you'll be pregnant." When the gang cooks Sunday dinner, Snooki tells them all she's having hot flashes. She puts frozen food all over her body, which Ron says is the best way to thaw something out.

Deena and Snooki are out on the downstairs porch, and Mike tries to get them to come upstairs to see his gift, but she won't go. He even tells her he got her something, but she still won't go upstairs. He goes inside and tells everyone how she reacted, so Ron goes outside and she tells him to ask Mike not to talk to her. Mike tells her it's a carriage, but whatever. He says Ron can go up there; he doesn't have to. She says this isn't going to make anything better, but she freaks out when she sees it because she does love the stroller and can't believe he got it for her. She asks Ron why he did this, and Ron says he doesn't know how to apologize like a normal human being so this is his way. She thinks it's nice he's trying, but she's irritated he's going about it the wrong way and wonders how to say, "Thanks. You're a douche."

Sunday dinner. Mike asks Vinny to say something before they eat, so he thanks God and his mom and is glad Deena's there. Then Mike asks Nicole if she has anything to say, so she gives him a thank-you through gritted teeth. Pauly and Vinny rave about the stroller, but Snooki just glares. Then Mike tells them his news: that he's going to ask Paula out by writing it on a shirt. Everyone is super happy about it and wants to see it happen. Except Snooki, I guess. She probably doesn't care. Vinny, Pauly and Ron are up on the roof hanging out and Morgan (the girl who flashed them in the premiere) shows up yelling Pauly's name. She starts flashing them again. Vinny says it was a slow night until she showed up with her boobs. She waves bye and they go back to their hot tub and beer pong.

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