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‘Everyone Goes to the Drunk Tank’

Inside, Sam asks Jenni how she's doing with the Roger thing and Jenni's pretty upset. She says it's been two days since he pushed her and she was hoping she'd hear from him. She thinks he could be moving out by now, for all she knows. Snooki says she loves Roger (ew! Be a friend. He pushed your friend down and BROKE HER BONE), but he pisses her off sometimes. I am trying to pretend I don't already know that Roger and Jenni are still together and hoping that she ends up kicking him out for this. Because I really did think she was the cool, tough, smart one until now. Ugh.

Jenni and Snooki head to the doctor to check on her fracture and Jenni says she feels like she's parting the Red Sea. Snooki (and everyone): "What does that mean?" Jenni says she feels like the guy who did that had a cane (and Jenni has metal crutches, so you can see where she'd make that leap? No?). Whoever that guy was that did that. Jesus? Of course, she's talking to Snooki, so no laughing at her or correcting her. It's like the dumb leading the dumb. Snooki tells us again how fun it is to have a disabled buddy. They stop on the way to the doctor to look at wheelchairs. Snooki thinks they're awesome and can't wait until she's old. Because she knows it will be so much easier to have one. She buys both of them, because "Why not?"

Deena, Pauly and Mike head to the Shore Store for work. There's more build-up about Mike asking Paula to be his girl. All the roommates are coming for moral support, he says. He's working on making the shirt now. He says he needs to ask her out in an extremely cool way. He makes a red tank-top that says "Let's make it official!" He's going to wear it under a button-up shirt and unbutton like Clark Kent. Mike spent all this time at work making himself a personal item, so he goes to take a break. Danny puts "I like men" on the back of the shirt. Pauly thinks it's hilarious that "Sitch is finally coming out of the closet." Mike pulls the shirt out before he leaves the store and swears a lot. He makes his shirt again.

Doctor. Jenni says she's going to the orthopedic surgeon this time. He asks what happened and she says, "I fell at Bamboo. Well, I got pushed at Bamboo. And I fractured my navicular." He says he'd like to figure this out before they diagnose her. He pushes on her a bunch and tells her she doesn't have any broken bones and is probably not going to need her wheelchair, or a cast, or a boot or anything. Snooki's mad, and the surgeon is like, "You wanted her to have a broken foot?" Snooki, unapologetically: "Yeah." Jenni's relieved she can go back to enjoying Seaside with two legs. But Snooki still wants to rock their wheelchairs.

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