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The guys are all having lunch together and talking about how annoying Jenni is, and how they feel bad for Roger. They think she's definitely going to milk this. Ronnie is really proud of himself for saying that Jenni should have gone to Bitching University and graduated with a bitch-achelor's degree. He chuckles. I do not.

In case we didn't know that JWOWW is a big old drama queen, she talks about how she can't go to the club, can't go to the gym, can't go tanning. Which she says is everything she knows in her life, on feet. It's all gone. She is in mourning. All the girls are home to hear what happened, and they all feel for her. Especially when they find out she has to be on crutches for four to six weeks. Deena actually thought she was just being dramatic. Sam thinks it's messed up that Roger broke her foot. THANK YOU.

The guys get home, and Sam and Deena tell them what happened. They all think she's milking it. Vinny makes fun of how she was trying to punch Roger, and now feels like she was the injured party. Deena and JWOWW have a deep talk about what this means for her relationship. She doesn't know whether she should break up with him. She is just shocked, and hates that this had to happen at all, because she doesn't know how to deal with it. Which makes sense. It's not like any of these people has a proper education or has been taught how relationships should work, and how men should treat women. Or at least there is no evidence to indicate that.

Now that all the drama's over - for now - tonight the crew is going to Karma. Do they have a required number of nights that they have to visit the clubs for this show? Or do they really like to party this hard? Jenni has decided she's going to Karma with her busted leg and getting wasted. Snooki has decided that she's going to Karma, too, but she promises it won't be like before - with her all drunk and showing her cooka. She's going to just sit in the back, and be disabled with Jenni together. Oh, and P.S., all of Vinny's family is here. And so is Deena's boy, Chris. She's Jersey Turnpiking with him. Of course. Snooki says she really wants to be drinking. She thinks that next summer she'll be dancing on bars again, but she will try not to show her cooka because she's a mom now. But, she acknowledges, it does slip out sometimes. "It happens."

Vinny's Uncle Nino is all over Jenni, and everyone's laughing. Vinny says he's the uncle you don't want to leave your kids around. Obviously. Jenni says being drunk is masking the pain of both Roger and her ankle. Ladies are hitting on Mike, and Jenni tells all the ladies that he's got a girlfriend. Ryan - Roger's angry friend from Bamboo - asks Mike why Jenni's such a bitch. Mike says he's single, and he and chicks love each other, but he does walk away because the last thing he wants to do is hurt Paula. Everyone at the club pressures Mike to drink, and he says that he's a ripped up dude like Rambo who can jump and kick like Van Damme, so it's not a good idea to mess with him. Right. Just ask that wall in Italy.

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