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And Now For Celibacy

After a commercial break, Deena cries to Chris that she's having a really hard time here. He handles her really well, telling her he didn't want this to happen, but that she doesn't need to be sorry; he just doesn't want her to feel this way. Pauly finds a girl who has a cute friend, so Mike decides to be a good wingman by picking that girl up. He gives her a weird kiss on her face that creeps me out. They all head out. I barely noticed Roger was here, because he is creating no drama. There's lots of crying all the way home by Deena, which Pauly thinks is ridiculous, because Chris lives five minutes away and is here visiting her. They stop for some snacks, and Mike says he's actually having more fun sober than he ever had drunk. Pauly's proud of him. They all sit and wait while Deena says goodbye to Chris, who can't stay because he has to work in the morning. They walk home, and Vinny tells Deena she's turning a positive thing into a negative thing and she needs to stop doing that. Huh. Is Vinny sober, too?

Back at the house, JWOWW tells Roger she just wants to snuggle. Drunk Ronnie body-slides down the stairs because he's stolen someone's blanket. Upstairs, Mike tells Pauly that he talked to his girl, who told him that Pauly's girl has her period. But he enunciates HER and sort of whispers "iod," so it almost sounds like "herpes." Which is what Pauly's reaction makes me think, too, until Mike interviews that there is a rule against having sex with a girl on her period. Unless it's your girlfriend. So, Mike has to get rid of the girls. They tell them they're going to call them later, but they probably aren't. After the girls are gone, Mike and Pauly high-five about their "good exit."

Next morning, Mike wakes up feeling really good. Others grumble about their heads hurting and Mike sure doesn't miss that. Deena and JWOWW fill Snooki in on the night. Snooki thinks Deena's crazypants for crying, because she is pregnant and not with her fiancée and she's not crying. Right. Because Snooki's never gotten drunk and cried for a stupid reason. Ron apologizes for being mean last night. He says he blacked out and that he hates being that drunk. It's miserable. Hey, does everyone else notice that Mike's happier than the rest of them now? What lesson does that teach them?

Mike, Sam and Ron go for a walk and Ron wonders how he hurt his leg. Mike has to fill him in on the nights. Ron can't believe Mike's the sober one, filling him in on the night. They sit down for lunch and compliment Mike for staying clean. They tell him they like him more than when they first met him. Ron interviews that it's awesome right now, and he hopes Mike can keep it up because this house can mess with you. Sam interviews that Mike being sober is a super positive thing.

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