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And Now For Celibacy

Snooki tells them again after the commercial. JWOWW is not prepared for this. Snooki says she wants to hang out, but she doesn't want to ask them to shut up or not bring home girls. She says she's just not comfortable living in a party house while she's six months pregnant. She says she was up for two hours after they got home the previous night. They all think it's understandable. Even Jenni, although it makes her sad to not have Nicole sleeping in the bed next to her like she has been for six seasons. But they all realize it's Lorenzo who has to leave. She says not to give up her bed, though, because she might want to sleep there. Vinny thinks Snooki is growing up. And they sort of all are. Which is awesome, right? But not really that entertaining to watch.

Next time: Deena cries some more. Paula loves Mike. Blah. It's almost over.

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, didn't think people could grow up at the Jersey Shore. You can contact her at

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