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When Sitchy Met Tranny

The kids head back home, at which point Pauly is so inebriated that Vinny thinks he'd hook up with him. JWOWW calls her boyfriend and tells him how wrecked Pauly is. Out of nowhere, Angelina tells Ronnie and Sammi that JWOWW was talking shit about them. Of course they're ready to get pissy about anything JWOWW-related at the drop of a hat. But Vinny, who interviews that he usually keeps quiet, intercepts Angelina's chicanery to defend The WOWW. He heads back to JWOWW's room to tell her that Angelina is stirring up shit, so she walks out to wonder why a phone call with her boyfriend is even the topic of conversation. Angelina denies, denies, denies, then Sammi gets snotty, as usual, asking, "Who gives a fuck?"

As is the flow of drunken exchanges, something completely inconsequential turns into a BFD, and suddenly JWOWW and Sammi are using this excuse to have it out with each other over their issues that have been festering all day. JWOWW wonders whether Sammi "grew some balls all of a sudden." Sammi insists she always had balls (but not as big as Sitch's girl at da club, oh!) and tells JWOWW she's not going to fight because she's "mature and classy." They go back and forth, back and forth, until JWOWW says Sammi's just acting out because JWOWW called Ronnie out. Sammi point her square-tipped French manicure right in JWOWW's face and asks if she and Snooki wrote the note. JWOWW things this hostility is a little rich coming from someone who practically begged her girlfriends to tell the truth about Ronnie. They scream some more in each other faces until JWOWW pushes a bitch. Cue cat fight. Sammi falls to the floor. Angelina helps her up long enough to get her balance, then Sammi lunges at JWOWW and throws a punch in her face.

Next week: The cat fight continues. In the house! In the gelato shop! In a mud pit! Okay, I made that last one up. Also, Vinny says Angelina's an ugly bitch who's "more like the Rob Kardashian of Staten Island." Then they hook up. Wait, what?

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