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No Chain, No Gain

Once everyone's ready, the gang (excluding Vinny) convenes in the living room to figure out how to handle Vinny's downward spiral. They all acknowledge that staying home and making a big deal won't help and ultimately nominate Pauly to stay behind for a bit to talk thing through with Vinny. They all head out, leaving Pauly to clutch a gold disco pillow (as you do) and contemplate his words. As it turns out, he doesn't even get the chance for the fourth-quarter pep talk because walks purposefully out of his room, heading straight for the phone to call his sister and tell her he's coming home. Pauly weakly asks if there's anything he can do or say, but Vinny's mind is made up. He orders a cab to Staten Island. (Now, is that more or less expensive than a cab to Times Square?)

While the kids party at Karma, none the wiser, Vinny packs up. The cab arrives, and it's over just like that. Well, there is one last glorious moment when Vinny asks Pauly, "Can we sext?"

Next time: It's a year later. Pauly, now grizzled and sporting a thick beard, returns with Vinny from a boat trip on the Atlantic Ocean. It was a glorious afternoon, a perfect encapsulation of the wonderful times they used to have together, but the weather shifted suddenly, and they weren't able to make back to the Shore House before the squall set in. Just steps from the house, Pauly senses Vinny's coolness. The truth finally comes bursting out: "I wrote you 365 letters. I wrote you every day for a year." Vinny is confused. "You wrote me?" "Yes," says Pauly. "It wasn't over, it still isn't over." They collapse into each other and spend the next several days in a passionate embrace.

That, or everyone just gets wasted and The Situation continues to be an epic asshat.

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