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Goodbye Again For The Last Time

Now we get to relive Jenni and Snooki busting Ron for triple-kissing grenades, leading to the Jenni and Sam fight. Amy asks if the note saga was the case of a good deed gone bad and she says she guesses so. She says she knows not to get in anyone's relationship after that day. But Sam says that the note helped them get where they are now. Ron says it was a mistake and he'll never do that again. Pauly and Vinny using Mike's toothbrush to clean their shaver sends us to commercial. Are they this desperate for scenes to relive? Because that was sort of meh.

Ron and Sam relationship questions. Amy says they put the fun in dysfunctional. Which is not true. Their relationship drama was never fun and ruined the previously fun show. Amy asks where they stand now and Ron jokes that the show's not over yet. They say they're together, happy and good... and that they live together now. So we get a relationship montage with lots of kissing and happiness, but also lots of fighting and tearing each other's shit apart. Then getting back together and promising no more bullshit. Then back together. Then apologies again and more fighting. And on and on and on. For the rest of their lives. They all laugh as Amy jokes that it's a timeless love story. She asks Sam what it is about Ron that makes him worth all the heartache. She says she doesn't know, but it must be something. She says it's funny to watch now and they've matured a lot. Pauly says if they can get through that, they can get through anything. Amy asks Vinny if their relationship is co-dependent, borderline psychotic or just plain-old Guido fun. He gives them their own Facebook relationship status: "Rammi." Amy asks Mike if he feels he dodged a bullet. He says, "I took a lot of grenades, though." And Ron gives him a high five.

Amy tells us about Deena's lesbian times in Italy and we get to relive her making out and hooking up with girls. Including Snooki, multiple times. Grossing everyone else out. Amy points out that Deena's boyfriend, Chris, is here. He's laughing in the audience. Amy asks what it was about Italy and Deena says she was single at that point (although, lesbehonest, Snooki was not), and looking for whatever in Italy. She says the guys there were so weird, but she's thankfully found an amazing guy now. Pauly: "Lesbehonest." Jenni and Snooki say all girls have done it, no matter what they say. Sam says she hasn't. Snooki's weird teeth say something that gets bleeped. And then Snooki says she just likes to love her friends sometimes when she's drunk. Deena's strip-tease for Mike takes us to commercial.

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