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Goodbye Again For The Last Time

Weird grenade whistle scene I don't even remember brings us back. Amy promises the studio is a grenade-free zone. Now we get a Vinny and Pauly bro-love montage, complete with love story music and hugs and manicures. Amy asks Pauly how they keep the fire alive and they say it's role-playing. Deena swears she watched them do sex in Italy and they are like, "What?!" Then Pauly says, "I feel." Amy tells them how refreshing it is to see a healthy relationship on TV and asks them to do their fist pump, pushup, chap stick routine for old time's sake. They do it, but it's not as funny as it once was.

Amy takes us from Snooki sticking her ass in a fridge to talking about Hurricane Sandy. Classy segue, MTV. We get to watch the gang go back to Seaside after the hurricane and Danny at the Shore Store. Snooki -- who didn't have ugly fake teeth yet -- cries. Pauly believes they can bring this place back and have it popping again by next summer. Amy asks Danny what happens if Seaside doesn't come back and he says it's coming back, stronger than ever. Everyone cheers. Amy says fans have donated, but tells us how to keep donating via text or MTV. But I'm going to assume you can figure out how to donate to help Seaside yourself without MTV's assistance. Drunk Uncle Nino clip toasts us into a Buckwild commercial. I know it's not just me noticing the stark contrast between everything else on MTV and their attempts to be humanitarians when it comes to Hurricane Sandy.

Clip of Jenni showing who all has been together through a couple degrees on a chalkboard. Amy tells us that it's now time to say goodbye and that no one's hearts are as full for this show as these eight people, even though so many people loved this show. Montage of goodbyes every season. They love each other, blah blah family. And then a happy, crazy, fun times montage of screaming and laughing and hugging and kissing. Ending with the exact same group hug and final moments as the final episode.

Amy asks Jenni how it feels to say goodbye and she doesn't want to cry. Ron says they're all stuck with each other and so they just say, "See ya tonight." Amy asks Team Meatball how hard it is to say goodbye. Deena and Snooki cry and Snooki says they love each other and will be a fan forever. Jenni adds that they love MTV and the production company and Ron yells they love the fans. Amy asks what Pauly will miss and he says living with his lifelong friends. She asks Vinny, who says that -- like Nicole and other young people -- this was his first shore house and he grew up on the show. Ron and Sam are going to miss everyone and the whole experience. Ron says he'll miss working at the Shore Store with Danny. Amy tells Mike they're proud of him for where he is today and thanks him for sharing his "run with us." He nods and looks serious -- and maybe not so drugged. They all look sort of tired, so maybe this was filmed at, like, 3 AM. They all yell a final "Thank you" and "We love you!" to the fans and Amy loves them back and thanks them for sharing their lives. Amy repeats herself and stumbles over a final farewell, leading up to, "You guys, that's a wrap." They get up and all hug each other over the credits. Danny and Nino and others join them. The end. Forever.

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