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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Situation

Next in the hot seat, we have Pauly and Vinny, who indulge the HoYay! as Paffrath cues a package about their l'amore fraterno. Highlights: FPC (Fist pump, push-ups, chapstick), the "She's too young for you" meme, and the night they chose to sleep together instead of with Deena. They say they have no regrets. "Don't let them kid you," says Deena. "I slept in that room. I know what went down." Paffrath asks, "What went down." Too easy! Each guy instinctively points at the other. Ronnie says it was weird, and they tease that he was just jealous. Then follow several minutes of Louie and Tony, who dance with "lips out, eyebrows up." And of course the "she's too young" refrain, which the guys acknowledges goes both ways: "If her age matches the speed limit on the Turnpike, she's too old for you, bro."

Ronnie joins VP upfront. Paffrath asks whether Ronnie considers himself a swacker (swagger jacker) before introducing a clip that proves he is. At the end, Pauly jokes about getting a shirt for the occasion, and when we cut back to the studio, he does indeed have a purple T-shirt that reads "SWAGGER JACKER." I want. Sitch chimes in that they all use each other's lingo (ex. Ron Ron Juice and smush), so it's all good. Paffrath notes the similarity in Ronnie and Pauly's outfits. Of his chain, Ronnie says, "Pauly got me into diamonds." (There was more, but I will stop there.)

Pauly and Vinny head back to the couches so Sammi and Sitchy can join Ronnie in the hot seat. Paffrath doesn't beat around the Sitch. She asks, "How's your neck feeling these days?" Nice. Cut to a tune that goes a little something like "I Fought the Wall and the Wall Won." Neck brace shenanigans ensue. The guys agree they have no regrets, save maybe Sitch's decision to take his insanity out on a defenseless wall. Behind him, the wall pipes up, "It's true! I didn't deserve it. I've been in therapy for months. Thanks a lot for sticking me in a house with these psychos, MTV!" Ronnie acknowledges that Sammi made things worse by hanging around the fight. Sitch admits that they may have exaggerated the drama of his circumstances in his head after he got home from the hospital and says, "There might have been a day that I might have milked it... maybe." All the roommates laugh at what a tool he is generally and how the neck brace only played that fact up.

And now for never-before-seen moments from Italy -- and boy is it riveting! Vinny cuts hair (badly), The Situation wears a mud mask that looks uncomfortably like blackface, and Deena flat-ironed her hair right off.

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