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Baby Shower Problems

Snooki calls Jionni to find out if he can be there to go to the baby store with her since no one else wants to. Snooki tells the girls what's going down, so they concoct a plan to tell Jionni not to take her since they already got her everything. Sam greets him at the door and whispers for him to take her to dinner instead. He agrees and the girls take off. Jionni asks her if she wants to eat and she's hungry, but bummed he doesn't want to go to the baby store either. Snooki just thinks it sucks that she's not doing anything baby even though she's pregnant. Snooki needs an address and she has to get it from the house next door, where the girls are going through all the gifts they got her. Luckily, Snooki wears crazy high heels so they hear her coming in time to swear up a storm and hide the gifts. Phew. I was super worried about this.

Snooki's pouty as they leave for dinner. Sam tells them to make out over dinner, but Nicole says they haven't done that in a year. Sam says that she hopes Jionni doesn't get killed in his sleep over the baby store. At dinner, Jionni wonders why she's so pouty and she basically just wanted to go to the baby store. Jionni is seeing his future, where he will live with two babies for the rest of his life. He shakes his head.

Back at the house, Jenni's telling Vinny he needs to come to the baby shower, but he thinks Nicole and Jionni don't want him there. He's not convinced that Jenni's invite is the same as Nicole wanting him there. Back at dinner, Snooki tells Jionni he's eating a baby cow, which is totally different than her cheeseburger earlier, which was an old cow. She says they didn't have the best date, but they love each other and can fix it with makeup sex. They head home to bed as the rest of the gang is getting ready to go to a new club, Merge.

MVP feel strongly that they have to redeem themselves after last night's poor showing. At the club, Jenni's trying to have a dance-off with some guy, but she splits her pants open and her butt's hanging out. Mike says this is a great night at Merge and there's no way anything is going to ruin the fun they're having this summer. Cue the shark music as Jenni spots Angelina. As if anyone really cares. I mean, she's such old news. But this is clearly a producer set-up. Just why? Jenni acts like she's going to puke, Ron says he smells trash. Mike winds up face to face with her and she tries to hug him. He doesn't allow it, but she's all handsy and apologizing. He gives her a C on apologizing for not exiting after finishing it up, since she just goes on and on. She repeats it to Pauly and Vinny. Pauly says he holds no grudges, but wants her to move along. Vinny's like, "I really don't care," and tries to ignore her. Jenni and Roger, Deena and Chris and Ron and Sam head home. Ron puts on the gorilla suit and goes into the smoosh room to scare Jenni and Roger. Jenni sees him coming and covers her face to keep from laughing, but she busts up as soon as Ron wakes up Roger.

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