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Baby Shower Problems

Back at the club, Angelina's still cockblocking so MVP takes off to get away from her. Vinny compares MVP striking out to Jordan playing for the Wizards. Mike and Pauly want to eat, so Vinny heads home alone... and finds two girls in a parking lot who are down to go home with him for a threesome. He repeats that a threesome is worth breaking his celibacy for, which I believe he said earlier this season. Vinny is pissed that Jenni and Roger, who don't even have sex, are in the smoosh room the one night he wants to have a threesome. So he heads into his room with Mike and Pauly, who are laying there watching it all go down. Mike thinks it's irony that he and Pauly struck out and Vinny walks in with two chicks.

And now for our deleted scene: Vinny and Mike make water balloons and throw them at Ron and Pauly, who are hanging on Snooki's porch. Pauly retaliates with a fire extinguisher. That is all. Don't try this at home.

Back to MVP's room, where M and P are just watching Mr. Celibate with his threesome. Pauly says if he'd known celibacy led to threesomes, he would have been down. One of the girls leaves, so Vinny decides not to break his celibacy. "Unless getting a bj counts."

Next day, it's time to prep for the baby shower and the girls feel like shit. Jenni says Roger kept molesting her all night, so she's going unshowered after having sex. Deena: "I've done it before!" I mean, I wouldn't use Deena as an example of acceptable behavior or anything. The girls are struggling with instructions on how to put up, basically, streamers and other simple party d├ęcor. It wouldn't be Snooki's shower if they weren't all drunk. The girls talk about how much it sucks that Roger and Chris are there more than Jionni. And Jenni finds it even more offensive that he's playing softball -- a girls' sport -- instead of baseball. They want to say something to her about it. Decorations are done and they can't wait to surprise Nicole. But first they head home. Let's hope to take showers.

Jenni calls Roger and asks him to pick her up by 3, so they can get to Rivoli's before everyone else. Snooki thinks it's roommate dinner, but that Jenni's going on a special date with Roger. Pauly can't believe he's going to Snooki's baby shower. Jenni comes out in a leopard toga-style dress and says Roger's surprising her. Snooki thinks he's proposing! Roger shows up and they leave. Vinny and Pauly discuss that guys shouldn't really be going to a baby shower and Vinny doesn't want to be there at all, because... AWKWARD. But he'll go, apologize to Jionni and try to make things right with Nicole. They all head to the baby shower. Pauly's not excited about the shower, but is glad to see Vinny confront Jionni. Snooki really doesn't want to go dinner, but says it's something to do.

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