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Baby Shower Problems

Jenni's got a crowd assembled -- Roger, Jionni and some random extras -- when Snooki shows up and starts crying. It's the pregnancy hormones. And her friends from back home are crying. And hey, Danny's there! Jenni says that this made her whole experience this year. Snooki says she thought the girls wanted nothing to do with doing anything baby and now she knows they were just planning this party. Mike clears his throat and Snooki says it's awkward. Jionni doesn't look at Mike or Vinny. Pauly sing-songs, "Awkward!" Only he can get away with yelling that out loud. He can't even really explain what's going on later, but says it's awkward. He is just giggling the whole time. Snooki gets up to go pee, so Vinny heads over to talk to Jionni. He says he's going to apologize even though he's done nothing wrong except slept with a girl who crawled into his bed. Pauly says, "Baby shower problems!" When Vinny is gone, Jenni tells Mike he should talk to Jionni too. Pauly says this is the only baby shower where two of the guests need to apologize to the baby daddy for sleeping with the girl. I hope that's true. Anyway, Vinny and Jionni head outside and Snooki's not sure if Jionni's going to forgive Vinny since he wants to beat the crap out of him. That's our cliffhanger, folks. OMG. Will they be able to be friends?!

Next week: Jionni and Vinny talk (or do they fight?). Paula asks Mike to hold her drink, which irritates him given he's recently out of rehab. And then Mike finally grows a pair and decides to talk to Snooki.

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, thinks Pauly's the only one on this show who will never change. You can contact her at

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