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But! (There's always a but...) Sitch takes it a step farther, screaming, "You're a woman! Do something!" This is a thoroughly useless comment on several level, except to arouse Deena's rage. She throws a spatula at him, so he calls her fat. Because clearly that's the next logical step. She gives as good as she gets, telling him, "I can lose weight for free. You need about 10 grand to fix your fuckin' face." Vinny and Pauly are quick to jump on Deena's side, and Vinny thinks it must mean something that Sitch has been in more nonsense confrontations in Italy than anyone else in the house.

All the while, former enemies JWOWW and Sammi are surprising even themselves by cooking side by side. Theirs is a friendship borne of others' conflict, it seems. The food is prepared, and they sit down for their final Sunday dinner together. On a serious note, Pauly tells his roommates, "I've had some of the best days of my life here." Vinny chips in, "I think that, being here, we're really going to appreciate what we have back in Jersey," and everyone says an "Amen" to the fact that they're heading back to the Shore. Because that's what Italy's for -- cultivating your appreciation for Jersey. Oh, guys...

Sammi notes that her Italian experience was especially remarkable because she didn't have (too many) petty fights with Ronnie that resulted in the destruction of all of her personal property. Vinny leads the housemates in a round of applause for SamRo 2.0, and everyone toasts to the fun to come during their return to Jersey.

Vinny doesn't let the good vibes hang in the air for even a minute before announcing that he will be reclaiming his room in the Shore house. Sammi thinks she has a right to stake a claim to it, and thus the squabbles start anew. Sammi suggests that MVP all bunk down together, but Vinny thinks The Situation brings too much drama. Sitch walks out in a feeble protest that goes totally unnoticed. The housemates disperse, with Sammi and Ronnie going into their own room. Sammi reveals what it all comes down to -- she doesn't want to live with "that fuckin' douchebag" (a.k.a. The Situation) because he's bad luck. Back in the kitchen, Team Meatballs also declare their intentions not to live with Sitch. Snooki recognizes that nobody wants to live with him, and they should just put him somewhere, "like in a garbage can."

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