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Knockin' the Dust Off

That night, Snooki stays home as the roommates head out. Everyone is having a really good time, except Sitch who is leaning back like a creepy letch on a couch as usual. Only this time he is locked in a prison of his own making. He finally gets up and jumps at the first chance he can to let out his aggression. Some random dude casually shoves him, and Sitch goes off, unleashing a stream of expletives on the guy and pointing his finger in the guy's face. He thinks his friends have his back if things get physical, but little does he know, they are dispersing faster than roaches under a spotlight. Just after Sitch growls, "I'll eat you motherfucker!" he looks around and sees that no one is waiting in the wings. He walks home alone and sits in the living room muttering to himself about being the bad guy. It's a bluster that he barely believes in anymore, but it's the only thing keeping him from sobbing on national television. Back at the club, the kids are having the best night of their lives. And why wouldn't they? The Situation has left the building.

Next week: Season finale!

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