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In Which We Learn About the Communal Smush Room

Meanwhile, Sitch is gathering up the troops to leave da club for the night. They all pile into a cab, and before you can say "process of elimination," Vinny and Angelina are drunkenly making out. It baffles everyone but Pauly, who explains that Angelina thinks like a guy and Vinny is a guy. The common denominator? Getting laid. And that's all there is to it. They carry on smooching while Pauly rubs Vinny's head and snarks that they should stop so Vinny can buy a watch for Angelina.

They arrive home. Since Snooki is currently occupying the CSR, Vinny drags Angelina by the hair into his room so they can smush. Pauly takes it upon himself to bang on the CSR door to embarrass Snooki before heading into Vinny's room to ask what the Hell he thinks he's doing. Vinny says he and Schmolie need some privacy. She acts like he's crazy, but you know she's lapping up every bit of the attention. Pauly heads back into the kitchen and scratches his head at the night's developments, noting that Vinny nicknamed Angelina "The Staten Island Dump." Regardless, drunken desperation wins out, and the smushing carries on. With much mocking from Pauly along the way.

This Sunday!: Sitch calls Angelina a hypocritical whore and threatens to tell Jose about her hook-up with Vinny. Vinny's OG Uncle Nino visits and works that hot tub like a pro. Pauly has his first encounter with the early morning booty call.

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